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River Art

A summer excursion I always enjoy is to wander along the banks of a slow-moving stream in the small town of Norrtälje to see the art installations.

The art is actually placed in the river. Like this one – Matilda Dreaming.

Apparently, she was one of the first people to open a savings account way back when and that red house represents the bank.

This sculpture sure got a lot of interest! (Yes – pun intended…)

As we meandered along in the warm sunshine, we spotted some numbskulls.

I liked the contrast between the white skulls and the living ducks.

There were lots more installations, but I got distracted by nature’s own art:

A reflection of the secret underside of a bridge.

And, finally, in a flourish of colours,

The small wooden houses along the river delighted me with their own wooden charm.

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