Dance of light and dark

Last week, we enjoyed the autumn equinox:

That time of year when day and night are equally long

And a kind of balance hums throughout the world.

The earth slowly spins

In and out of the light and dark –

Like a child dipping her toes into deliciously inviting water.

This is also a metaphor about life:

A dance of light and dark

With peaceful moments of balance in between.

For more harmony, please visit: Skywatch.

95 thoughts on “Dance of light and dark

  1. Love that pink hue in all of your images.;) The equinox means that light is disappearing but as it does, the sun truly knows how to leave with style here in Scandinavia, don’t you agree.;)
    Gorgeous photography as always.;)


  2. yes it is a metaphor…lovely pics…i think there is a balance between both…if it was always light, how would we sleep…too much of either and life changes….


  3. I love coming here. I know that I will always find harmonious beauty. (I can watch your header slideshow over and over). Thank you for making this beautiful blog.


  4. Hello, ladyfi
    What a tranquil and peaceful moment you captured! Everything look balanced so well, Silhouettes are just beautiful!! I especially love the gradation of purple in the second photo.
    Best wishes,


  5. Such superb captures and the perfect words! I do love the light and the sense of calm and the beauty! Always a delight to visit your blog! Thank you for sharing your beautiful world and your beautiful skies!



  6. Oh the things you know Miss Fi….I had no idea there was an equinox last week! Hmmm…you´ll have to give me a heads up on that next year ok? The photos are fabulous, I love all the purple tones in the photos…purple is such a yummy color…and nature gets that color perfect every time!!! Have a super Friday my friend!!!


  7. Hi there – one of the things I really like about these memes is the way in which you can see the seasons changing in other parts of the world. We have just had the spring equinox – so it’s the slide into summer for us, as you glide into autumn and winter.
    Great pictures.

    Cheers – Stewart M


  8. Hi Fi, I’m up to my eyeballs in fall here in CO, but I always love the serenity of your lake to offer s bit of reflection to my day (a pun but I didn’t really intend it!). That curving dock with resting ducks is my metaphor for life today!


  9. Lady Fi, those are gorgeous!

    Say, I have a problem with my RSS feed, it won’t pull up your site. I only get a gray screen. But I can access this through the comments on my blog. Wondering if it’s me?


  10. Breath taking views Lady Fi. Sometimes, it’s good to have darkness in life. It’s during the dark times that we are able appreciate the light — just like your beautiful photos. The dark contrast really shows off the beauty of the gorgeous lights. 🙂


  11. I love your gentle views and photos. I like waht Emily Gooch, above, said about the dark times helping us appreciate the light.
    What beauty you have, again, shown in these shots.


  12. Such a lovely sunset. My favourite shot is the first one. As El Idioto says (and I’m sure not really un idioto), the textures are great. Happy weekend!
    Janice. xx


  13. wonderful series, stunning photos, my favorite item sunset and sunrises 🙂
    thanks for posting, and also thanks for your kind comments

    Greetings, Bram


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