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Building bridges

This photo was taken during the deliciously cold winter of 2010.

I like the symbolism of the bridge connecting two small islands of land:

It reminds me that we are all connected

And that it’s never too late to reach out

And mend bridges.

Stop being who you were, and change into who you are. — Paulo Coelho
Cold bridge

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River Art

A summer excursion I always enjoy is to wander along the banks of a slow-moving stream in the small town of Norrtälje to see the art installations.

The art is actually placed in the river. Like this one – Matilda Dreaming.

Apparently, she was one of the first people to open a savings account way back when and that red house represents the bank.

This sculpture sure got a lot of interest! (Yes – pun intended…)

As we meandered along in the warm sunshine, we spotted some numbskulls.

I liked the contrast between the white skulls and the living ducks.

There were lots more installations, but I got distracted by nature’s own art:

A reflection of the secret underside of a bridge.

And, finally, in a flourish of colours,

The small wooden houses along the river delighted me with their own wooden charm.

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The Malmö Diva

I’ve taken control of Lady Fi’s blog for the day. Out with that old wanna-be Diane Keaton look-alike has-been – and in with the new exclusive totally hip me!


Serves the old bag right for just leaving me in the middle of yesterday’s interview! I mean, we hadn’t finished talking about the most important thing – ME, the Turning Torso! (You do know who I am, right? I’m the star of yesterday’s post. Try to keep up, will you?)

I probably could see into Swenglishexpat’s mother’s kitchen window if I wanted to. After all, I’m made up of 2,500 windows. But I’d rather have my head in the clouds than worry about what is going on at the lower levels…

As for those of you who wondered about how the lifts work. Well, I have a circular core in my centre, and they whizz up and down in there. It doesn’t half tickle, mind you!

As I soar upwards in graceful beauty, I gaze majestically out over the expanse of water that separates Sweden and Denmark. And there, below me, I can see the magnificent bridge, Öresundsbro, that connects our two countries and allows those lucky Danes to come over to see me!


OK – enough of that bridge! Let’s get back to me, me, me! (I’m not really full of myself, but it’s hard to be modest when you’re as perfect as I am!)

I need your advice: I just can’t decide which colour suits me best when I want to go out for the night and really dazzle! Glittering gold? Bold blue? Or sizzling hot red?


Brass monkey weather

It’s brass monkey weather at the moment. Minus 15.5 C with no signs of getting any warmer. I decided to meet the day with two pairs of trousers and four jumpers and a coat on, topped off with a warm hat and gloves and boots.

Man – was I warm! Then I went outside for about 15 seconds before discovering that my legs were freezing, my eyelashes had turned into ice sculptures and there was an Arctic gale playing havoc with my ankles. 45 minutes later, I returned home with no feeling in my hands and toes. I must have left it out on the ice somewhere.


Picnics on the ice are short-lived affairs. It’s great fun walking or skating on the lake, but taking off our gloves to eat sandwiches gets rather painful. The dog doesn’t seem to  mind – but that might have something to do with the fact that he doesn’t have any gloves…

Anyway, gritting my teeth and pulling my hat down over my eyes (something to do with the fact that if you can’t see the cold, you can’t feel it…), I set out to suffer on your account, dear readers. Because as you know, there is nothing I will do won’t do for you!

You see, I spotted a bridge, right out there in the middle of nowhere – or so it seemed. A bridge joining two tiny spits of land in the lake. I wanted to snap the bridge in its virgin snow – but the dog got there first.


You know what? Maybe this brass monkey weather isn’t so bad after all….