The hope of the future

In my world I read of hatred and killing.

Of people who would rather focus on our differences;

Of a world where it is easier to shake your fist in anger

Than to hold hands in friendship.

And yet… in my world I look at the children

Who see through the superficiality of things

To celebrate our common humanity.

They live in a world where it is

Easier to laugh

And hold hands out of love.

We have much to learn from them.

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46 thoughts on “The hope of the future

  1. What a beautiful, moving post, Ladyfi! And your words are so true! There is so much anger, it seems, all over the world and I always wonder why we can’t focus on the things we have in common with others, explore the differences with an open mind and celebrate them rather than condemn them. Thank you for this post! It’s one we need to see more of! Have a wonderful week!



  2. We grow up with fairy tales, if we’re lucky – children are innocent, except some enjoy setting cats on fire more than others.
    If the successful helped the less fortunate… but mainly they don’t.


  3. Beautiful photo, and equally beautiful sentiments. It always pains me to think that these little children must go out into that dirty, violent, angry world. Ho-hum.


  4. Let me just point out that if children ran the world, everybody would be starving because of collapsing infrastructure, we would have no power or water, the nuclear plants would long ago have melted down, nobody would do their homework, organised crime would be rife, everybody would be obese with terrible teeth, and we would probably already have melted ourselves in a nuclear conflict because somebody took somebody else’s ball.

    Get a grip people, kids should NOT be running the world.


      1. What me, a cynic? ๐Ÿ™‚

        And what if I am? That’s just ad hominem, Fi. If you are going to make statements like you have made then at least be prepared to back them up.

        All I’m saying is that children are loving and trusting and sweet, sure, but they are far from model citizens. They can be very selfish, quick to explode in anger, hopelessly impractical and often lack empathy. Plus they can be incredibly cruel to each other and intolerant of difference. And trust me, I know.

        Plus they don’t “forgive” easily, they simply forget and get distracted, which isn’t the same thing at all.

        Personally, I would rather move to the moon that live in a world ran by children.


  5. ‘fraid I’m with Paddy on this one. As I recall (and it’s not THAT long since I was a kid), plenty of kids are really cute little monsters, ostracising and bullying others for completely arbitrary reasons. SOME kids – just like SOME adults – “see through the superficiality of things”. The rest are happy to pull your hair if it’s red or throw your hat around if it’s not cool enough.

    Children ARE the “hope of the future”, in that without them the human species would die out (of course, I personally don’t think that the human species has an intrinsic value, but I’m aware most people aren’t with me on that one). But they shouldn’t be in charge of today.


    1. Well, I’m sure they wouldn’t do much worse of a job than adults… After all, kids are better at forgiving and playing with everyone in the sandpit, don’t you think?


  6. Exactly so, Fi and that’s why I blogged about that television programme Syrian School recently – it showed most of these kids as the same the world over – computer games, necklaces, rap music.


  7. Well, I’m with you on this one Fi – in fact I’d like a world not just run by kids but kids with special needs! The pure soul – gentleness, kind spirit, empathy and huge capacity for love of our little man could teach a lot of adults a thing or two!

    All I would say to PaddyK is that – infact I won’t say anything about his comments – he’s not worth it!

    I have just spent the last few weeks involved in Special Olympics competitions around children with all kinds of intellectual disabilities and the attitudes and kindness of those kids puts everything into perspective!


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