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Puppy love

Indulge me a little

As I talk about love and dogs.

(This is an old photo – but one of my favourites.)

Best buddies copy

Oscar, our dog, came to us

When he was four and a half.

He has taught us so much

About love and companionship.

(My son took this picture of Oscar, 11.5, and me.)

Fuzzy buddy

Ruby, 5, is our foster dog and has been with us since December.

She was mated and grew larger and larger.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, she didn’t go far

But loved the coolness of the late evening light.

Ruby light

We thought she might have three or four pups inside her (like the first litter of pups she had last year),

But she surprised us all by giving birth to eight healthy puppies.

This is a photo the breeder sent me on the same day as the birth.

I’d say love conquers all, wouldn’t you?


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Romancing the snow

Find a big sky and a frozen lake,


Get a couple of chairs, some friends

And a view —


Then sit back and enjoy the romance,

The company and the pink-tinged sunset.

Friends copy

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There’s nothing quite like a lovely long walk, a swim and a shake, and breakfast  with your best buddy.

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Perfect balance

Last week saw the autumnal equinox (and the vernal equinox if you live in the southern hemisphere).

A day when the world is perfectly balanced and in harmony.

A day when everyone in the world shares this balance: an equal number of hours of daylight and night.

For two days every year, when we all have 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, I like to think of everyone around the globe as being united by a thread of light.

An invisible string that reminds us of our shared experiences rather than our differences.

Autumnal equinox 2010 - unedited

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The hope of the future

In my world I read of hatred and killing.

Of people who would rather focus on our differences;

Of a world where it is easier to shake your fist in anger

Than to hold hands in friendship.

And yet… in my world I look at the children

Who see through the superficiality of things

To celebrate our common humanity.

They live in a world where it is

Easier to laugh

And hold hands out of love.

We have much to learn from them.

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