Call me naive…

I’ve become quite a crier since I became a mother. Or perhaps I’ve always been one and being with young children has just unleashed this previously unknown tendency? I cry my way through Disney films – and on the rare occasion that doesn’t see me blubbering at the happy ending, then the kids will ask me if I’m feeling all right. Because tears are a natural part of their lives.

Then there are the public events that I cry through – albeit more discreetly. There are end-of-school concerts and shows and singing events.

Like yesterday, for example. A simple singing concert, with young high voices so pure and clear that I found my eyes welling up with tears.

Call me naive, but there is something so pure and innocent and joyful in those moments that it stirs my soul.

Then I think back to the end of school ceremony in church last summer. (Yes, another tearful occasion!)

After seeing my daughter play the violin, four boys persuaded their parents to put them down for violin lessons.

Call me naive – but there is beauty and power in music.

And just as I’m about to try to become cynical, I look at the photo again.

Is it just me – or can you also see a row of tiny angels on the ledge underneath the window?

Call me naive: but is it so wrong to believe in the goodness of others?

41 thoughts on “Call me naive…

  1. I´m naive like that too! Young children are just as pure as it gets, and they bring me such joy too. I´m just so sorry, I have no more little kids in my life anymore. Hopefully that time will come again…. 🙂
    And you are NOT wrong to believe in the goodness of others!


  2. You’re naive. well, you asked me to call you that.

    Seriously though, folks. I find I’ve become more lachrymose since having kids and getting older. Going ga-ga, probably.


  3. Oh Lady Fi, I would be disappointed if you didn’t!
    I am a crybaby, too. Often times, I need a bucket.

    I have a close friend named Faye. I call her Lady Faye. 🙂


  4. As if you knew what I went through today, albeit not celebratory! There are just those days when all you need is a feather to brush your face, and the upwelling begins. Today that feather, or stick was – working late. Son at daycare, late to pick him up. Couldn’t drive in – gate shuts at a certain hour. Ran…only to see the carers walking out with him. With profuse apologies, mentioned that the gate was closed and received a comment of ”yes, then you’re really late”. And that was it. The frustrations of weeks…..came forth. With heaving chest, I lifted the young’un and drove home…. The storm’s over!


  5. So good to see you again. 🙂 You are a woman after my own heart. Music, sweet young efforts, precious voices….yep, I would weep right along with you. I walked into the choir room where my son sings yesterday and two young girls were auditioning for a special part. It stopped me in my tracks to hear their gentle melodious strains blending so perfectly.

    And about a month ago, Bo was sharing some music with me as we were driving and talking and having the rare mother/daughter sharing thing. She played a song that spoke to her and wanted me to “get it” as well. Oh, I got it. We sat in the parking lot of Costco has I had a deep sob for ten minutes.

    It is probably good we don’t live closer. Your kids might ask you NOT to bring your “peculiar” friend to their events!




  6. I used to dread going to my children’s school concerts…I didn’t just have tears welling – a few badly-stifled sobs would escape too – it was horribly embarrassing.

    They’re teenagers now – but they still make me cry (for all the wrong reasons 😦 )


  7. You should have seen the NSLM’s Dad crying at his school concert! At one stage there were 50 kids playing their bodhrans (pig skin drums) on the stage – and the music and magic that emanated from them was incredible!


  8. I don’t think it’s naive to believe in children and hope and love! Nobody would want a cynic for a mother. You gotta’ keep your sense of humor (as you do) but that’s different from cynicism.
    I could almost hear the music here!


  9. Seeing I blubbered through my son’s annual concert yesterday, I am not going to call you anything.
    And believing in the goodness of others may be idealistic, but it is definitely not naive. People are good, whatever we may like to believe.


  10. Cry on! The best people do it. Gordon Lightfoot called them “Rainy Day People”. If we ever meet I shall buy you a dozen embroidered hankies to cry into.


  11. No, it’s not wrong to believe in the goodness of others!! I think it’s wonderful that your daughter inspired others and I would have been in tears too (I’m a big softy aat heart)

    C x


  12. I would agree that motherhood certainly opened my floodgates. I am in tears as I write, I shed a small tear at a Disney film last week, a few tears at my son’s recent judo grading and lots of tears in Jan at my daughter’s dance performance. I hope my tears never dry up and neither do yours. And yes, there are definitely angels, not only in your photo, but everywhere. You are certainly not naive there is plenty of beauty and goodness about. How lucky we are.


  13. I have cried at almost every one of my kids’ performances over the years. Fortunately, not the falling-over sobbing that would embarrass them to death! And yes, I do see the angels.


  14. Definitely Angels, Fi. I went to my Twin Grands’ first grade concert recently. When all those sweet, expectant children began harmonizing, swaying their small hands and bodies, I felt tears on my cheeks, too. So much goodness at once is overwhelming!


  15. I cried all the way through Phil Archer’s funeral on Radio 4 the other day! How stupid is that – I didn’t even know the guy, and in fact he didn’t even exist! Now that’s just hormones! And yes, since I became a mother I weep more easily – when the children achieve something, or when they are knocked back in some tiny way. Life as a mother is bittersweet! And being an expat, I think, makes you nostalgic.


  16. That reminds me of a video I saw on Robert the Skeptic’s blog where he interviewed his granddaughter who is so passionate about fairies that he films her outside the house, showing us where the fairies live and that they do exist etc. etc. It’s so innocent and so beautiful.


  17. I think it might be the innocence of small children that draws a tear to my eye once in a while..those times are here for so short of a time..then you blink and they are all grown up with babes of their own:)


  18. Its funny, the things that make me cry and those that dont. I will always cry at silly commercials designed to make you cry, but hardly ever at real bad news.


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