Drifting in dreams of snow and icing

disaster-wedding-cakeWhen I woke up this morning, I realized that I had been turned into a miniature wedding cake figure and let loose on a landscape of peaked cake frosting.

After putting on layer after layer, I was ready to explore the exciting new landscape that lay outside my door, trusty dog at my side.

After only a few seconds, my face went numb in the sharp gale force wind that was blowing off the lake, and my left ear started aching with the cold.

And almost immediately after that, I found myself knee-deep in whirls of fluffy white icing and swimming through the frostiest frosting ever.

Marshmallows that loomed out of the darkness turned out to be cars swathed in snow. Large ghost-like objects revealed themselves to be trees, bent almost horizontal in the keen wind.


The wall on the back deck has snow all the way up to its top – that’s almost thigh-high on someone of my (small) size.

It was ghostly quiet in my snowy cake icing landscape… apart from the howling of the wind, that is. Not a single soul was out and about. Just the hound and myself.

A while later, I struggled back home with snow in my boots and cheeks stung scarlet by the blizzard. At coffee time, I looked out of my study window to see if the storm had abated.


It hadn’t. But at least I had my butterfly and flower to keep me company. That – and the weird blue twilight of the snowstorm.

Lunch has been and gone, and now I am only putting off all that scriptwriting that must be done. A quick glance shows me that the icing outside has only become deeper, more mysterious.

more_snow_on_windowThe snow is piling up on all of the windows and doors, so that the house looks like something out of a Dickensian novel.
I have to venture out and fetch the post. If I’m not back soon ….

please send out a search party.

I’m the little, frozen figure hidden deep within the layers of that icy frosted snowdrift.

18 thoughts on “Drifting in dreams of snow and icing

  1. Wow! I wish I could see real thick snow like that! It doesn’t snow like that in the UK, it hardly ever snows and doesn’t settle for long.

    What scriptwriting are you doing? I am doing my scriptwriting assignment for my writing class, but it is a bit of a joke because I have no clue how to do it. Are you a professional?


  2. Gosh. Its not snowing at all out here in Denmark. I would love to have a blizzard like that going on- its just freezing cold. I love the coziness of snowy days.


  3. Paula: Yes – aren’t snowy days the best? Nice and cozy, especially when you don’t have to go out in it!

    Po: I used to live in Brighton, so we went mad when about ten snowflakes hit the beach! Yes – I’m a scriptwriter!! By profession I guess – as my job title and job are: Concept Manager/Scriptwriter – and I get paid for writing scripts (for multimedia/web-based communication).


  4. Wow. That is cool. I have no idea what that means but I am impressed. It sounds like something I would like to do, if I knew what it was 🙂


  5. The first time I went out in the snow in Sweden, I fell on my ass. I got up, and fell on my ass. Hey, I’m from Australia. Gimme a break. It happened eight times that day. Only then did my husband tell me there was a pair of snow shoes I coulda worn. Crap.


  6. I know you’re going ot hate me but i’m jealous. That may be easy to say from my snow-free oasis in the desert but its the truth. I love snow and winter. Winter gets all the best clothes!! Sure there’s cleaning the driveway, and scraping the windows of the car, and the dreaded black ice adn stupid people who drive like they’ve never seen snow before but… *sigh* I still miss it. 🙂


  7. I know that we are going to get our snow, whether or not we were the hot spot yesterday. It most likely will wait until January, after all why would we want a white Christmas? And then it will be like last year, off and on until the end of March.

    See snow Karma!



  8. My dogs would be so jealous of all this snow…it’s JUST cold here..no snow…but they say maybe soon….the leos are all crossing their paws…


  9. Oh that looks so pretty and As I am one of few who love the cold I love the look of that!
    It is great when you do not have to go out in it.
    We now live in a snow region and the quietness that comes when it snows isindescribable.


  10. ???? Did I know you lived in Sweden? hahaha I think I thought you lived in Canada! Sorry I need to pay better attention! I love this post! You are quite witty! Love the comparison to the cake topper! verra verra funny indeed!


  11. You made a snow storm seem beautiful and delicious. I doubt I would have even ventured out into that. Sorry dog, you must go by yourself!

    I hope it warms up a little soon!


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