10 thoughts on “Imagination can move rocks

  1. Meg: This is the Divine Temple, Hari Mandir, at the centre of the Golden Temple of Amritsar in India. The temple can be found in the middle of the whole complex and is surrounded by a body of water.

    TypO: Ah.. no wonder I couldn’t turn the page!


  2. Of course you are entered! I have seen your shadow! (wink) I wanted people to “follow” me so I could come visit them, I will add you on my side bar, that wa y I can kep an eye on you. he he! Love the photos, beautiful I love Cathedrals, When I was a little girl we wnt to an old Catholic church, I loved it. It had vaulted ceilings, and gargoyles outside. It is still there, I need to go take pictures. It is my favorite church ever.


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