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Smell the flowers

I’m off to England for a week —

Bouquet copy

Time to smell the flowers,

Smell the flowers copy

Enjoy life

And meet the family.

Pink copy

(So I won’t be able to visit you while I’m away — but I thank you in advance for your visit.)

 I’ve got some scheduled posts in case you want to pop in during the week!

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Have a n-ice one!

A recent visit to the Botanical Gardens

In a cold snap

Was the icing on the cake (or dome of the greenhouse).

Icicles on dome

Disobeying the sign that says: Don’t walk on the grass

Is only something for people who don’t get cold feet.

(The snow was way beyond our knees.)

Don't walk on grass

The bare branches

Looked tree-mendous against the setting sun.

tree - art

Meanwhile, inside the greenhouse-cafe,

The sun created a beautiful mosaic of gold.

Golden roof

And then it was outside for a family snap —

Yes, we were all playing n-icely

With our ice sabres.

Wishing you all a n-ice holiday!

Ice sabres

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Festive greetings

No matter whether you are enjoying the balmy skies

Of a warm Christmas

Christmas 2

Or the golden chills

Of a cold December —

I want to wish you all a wonderfully

Joyful and lovely holiday season;

And to thank you all for taking the time

To visit my little blog.

As my kids like to say:

“Christmas is not just about the presents,

It’s about love and family time.”


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Summer memories

Summer memories (from last year) —

Are made up of beauty like this.

How can you feel anything but humbled and grateful?

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Sky of love

Is there anything more touching than the love between a little brother and his big sister?

The most precious things in the world are not our possessions but those golden moments that we feel in our hearts.

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Family and other toys

The youngest anklebiter is leaving kindergarten to start school after the summer holidays.

He came home with his development portfolio. When one of his teachers interviewed him, she asked him to describe his family.

Such an easy question! This is what he said:

My family consists of…

… mama, papa, big sister and Oscar the dog.


Oh – and a LEGO Star Wars spaceship!


Going bonkers (or crazy) can come in many forms…

My barefoot sister on our frozen lake in Sweden

My barefoot sister on our frozen lake in Sweden

… and disguises.

One thing is certain though:



It seems to run in the family!

By the way: Happy Birthday sis!

Ooh aye – life is grand

laughingbuddhaMy OU-studying pal French Fancy recently wrote about why life is grand. And I thought it was such a good idea because it is all too easy to focus on the negative side of life. The media may thrive on doom and gloom but the rest of us don’t.

So, why is life grand?

1. It is getting light! I saw a pale pink sunset this morning at six o’clock when I got up. And it was still light at 6 pm when I came home from work one evening. Glorious!

2. Thank goodness for coffee and spicy Yogi tea! They do wonders when it comes to perking me up.

3. Talking of yogis – our very own cyber yogi Braja is doing much better. After complaining about the hospital food, they sent her home. Atta girl! Her husband has been moved out of Intensive Care and is also recovering slowly.

4. Sir Pe, my anklebiters and, of course, Oscar  the dog – thanks for keeping me on my toes and making me laugh. (Oh yeah – and thanks for all the grey hairs too!)

5. My sister (Mother of the cousins) and her two kids are descending on us like a swarm of locusts visiting us and spreading joy and noise this week. Hurray! (OK – where are those ear plugs?)

6. Two squares of dark chocolate a day is a remedy for most ills.

So – what makes you smile?