70 thoughts on “Sky of love

  1. Love the silhouetted look!
    I had a little brother eight years younger than me and yes, the bond is special. As a teenager I felt he was my own.
    Sadly, he passed many years ago way too young. I was blessed to have had him in my life.


  2. I thought that you were trying to say that the love between brother and sister is a bit like the wind. Sometimes it seems to go away, and sometimes it almost pulls the roof off your house – but whatever happens, its always going to come back.
    You may be able to tell from this that I don’t have a sister – but my son does!!!!

    Stewart M


  3. My older bro too loves my oldest sister in a very special way, when we were kids, all of us less big sis were playing in a pond, he fell in, and she saved him


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