Family and other toys

The youngest anklebiter is leaving kindergarten to start school after the summer holidays.

He came home with his development portfolio. When one of his teachers interviewed him, she asked him to describe his family.

Such an easy question! This is what he said:

My family consists of…

… mama, papa, big sister and Oscar the dog.


Oh – and a LEGO Star Wars spaceship!

23 thoughts on “Family and other toys

  1. Such an easy question? Ha!

    You are one lucky bullet-dodging girl, Lady Fi. Just think if he’d said, “My family consists of my Mama, my Pappa, and a big bottle of wine”!

    ; )

    XOXO and, as always, in jest,

    Lawyer Mom


  2. LOL….that sounds like something my husband would say!!! He did want to get married on May the 4th so he could say May the 4th be with you…..thank GOD it was a bank holiday and the registry office was closed!!

    C x


  3. That Lego ship is wicked cool! I understand why its part of the family.

    Do you have to buy it birthday gifts or does its Uncle George Lucas send it gifts? :p


  4. save this and show it on his graduation day…..all of those sweet memories are the kinds of things I shared at Jess´ graduation party!


  5. At least the lego was rated as the last member of the family. Imagine if he had rated it before you? Think of what his “development report” would have said!


  6. Hello
    I would like to ask if your LEGO Star Wars spaceship was scratch-built, or if this is a kit of same made by LEGO? If it is the former, it is quite well done. If it is the latter, I would be grateful for any information you might be able to provide.
    If memory serves it is the Starship Darth Maul uses in SW: The Phantom Menace. I believe it was called a Sith Infiltrator.
    Thanks Very Kindly


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