Going bonkers (or crazy) can come in many forms…

My barefoot sister on our frozen lake in Sweden

My barefoot sister on our frozen lake in Sweden

… and disguises.

One thing is certain though:



It seems to run in the family!

By the way: Happy Birthday sis!

30 thoughts on “Madness

  1. HAHA! lovely surprise!
    Yes, sure does run in the family! Dad keeps saying, “why have I sired such weirdos?” ….


  2. How do you know the bonker folk aren’t the normal ones??? Hmmm…never thought about it like that have ya??? However, I don’t think it’s normal to stand on a frozen lake barefoot…so bonkers probably means what we all think…and I LOVE POLAR BREAD!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday sister of Lady Fi! May you have many more years of poor judgement (that ice had to have been uncomfortable!!) ahead 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday to your sis! If she´s anything like you, which by the look of it…. she is…. 🙂 she must be very fun to be with and “warmfooted” ! 🙂


  5. You make me smile everyday! So what’s with the polar it yummy? Happy Birthday to your sister with the Polar Bear feet..not as in BIG..but temperature wise..
    Did you drive your parents taotaly crazy..or just partially crazy? Hope you are feeling better today:)


  6. hahaha – wonderfully funny! I never laugh before (my very late) breakfast! 😀

    About the notebooks – yes, I can make any book in any (almost) size now because I got my own heavy-duty machine and can cut the spirals to size myself! (little pieces of metal are going “plonk! plonk!” in my studio) I’m going to start with some A5 books, 150 pages feel like a nice size to me and postage would be the same as the small 200 page books. I’m possibly also going to make some square books and other sizes as well for my shop soon.


  7. My husband and I were just talking about how silly our kids are and wondering where they got that! (But I saw him looking at me)


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