Have a n-ice one!

A recent visit to the Botanical Gardens

In a cold snap

Was the icing on the cake (or dome of the greenhouse).

Icicles on dome

Disobeying the sign that says: Don’t walk on the grass

Is only something for people who don’t get cold feet.

(The snow was way beyond our knees.)

Don't walk on grass

The bare branches

Looked tree-mendous against the setting sun.

tree - art

Meanwhile, inside the greenhouse-cafe,

The sun created a beautiful mosaic of gold.

Golden roof

And then it was outside for a family snap —

Yes, we were all playing n-icely

With our ice sabres.

Wishing you all a n-ice holiday!

Ice sabres

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76 thoughts on “Have a n-ice one!

  1. Beautiful compositions, invigorating look to see this beauty. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy with your loved ones. Leovi.


  2. Stunning photographs! The greenhouse and ice lawn was fascinating… Glad to see your family there 🙂

    My best wishes and seasons greeting to you all.


  3. Ice sabers! You guys are cuties.
    I really love your photos, Lady. I look forward to seing a glimpse into your life.
    I’m quite the voyeur. 😉
    Merry Christmas, LadyFi. It has been a pleasure “getting to know you” this year.


  4. Magical how you bring such warmth to chilly scenes. Wishing you a delightfully merry Christmas and happiest of New Years that will spill its blessings into the year ahead.


  5. Merry Christmas to YOU and the family… I love that last photo. My favorite blogs are the personal ones that show their families and loved ones…You have a FABULOUS family!!!!!

    Have a great day.


  6. What a fun, beautiful family photo. Look at all that snow. My word. We were threatened with tornadoes all day, but only saw high winds and rain. Had the a/c on this morning and now it’s cold enough for a fire. What a weird day. Merry Christmas to you!!


  7. What a wonderFULL post… the best, of course, came last. Wishing you and your lovely family a beautiful holiday season with warmth in your heart and your home, Fi!


  8. Too wonderful for words. Only missing thing is you need to get somebody else to snap the pic, to make it a complete family photo. thanks for the wonderful Christmas post, no less wonderful for reading it a few days late!


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