Romancing the city

Early morning dawn:

I take out my mobile phone as I sit in a car and capture

The romance of the sky over Stockholm.

(I like the way the car window frames the cityscape.)


On the way home from work,

Lilac and pink clouds

Bid the sun farewell at sunset.


For more great skies, please visit: Skywatch.

65 thoughts on “Romancing the city

  1. “I like the way the car window frames the cityscape.”

    Me too, Fiona, because it gives the image such a wonderful “vintage” feel.

    Glorious colors!

    Once again, my friend, your photographs blow me away!

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂


  2. It’s so beautiful, Fi. I told my husband I’d love to visit Stockholm, and our friend Mara (who started as a blogging friend in Holland) now lives in Norway, so I’d like to go there, too. We’ve been to Iceland, and loved it, but that was our only taste of Scandinavia. So far, airfare to Stockholm is out of our reach, but I’m going to continue looking. Don’t be afraid we’re going to descend upon you soon or even ever, but I enjoy looking and dreaming.


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