68 thoughts on “Iced

  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely GORGEOUS, Fiona! Between the ice and water drops, they look like works of natures art!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, my friend. Have a faaaabulous week!


  2. I feel sad for flowers covered by ice, because it means that winter doesn’t want to go away:( On the other side, I must say they look gorgous…


  3. Amazing shots as always. My first spring was in Sweden, but i haven’t seen snow yet, only felt the cold. I only saw snow-capped mountains in Turkey and i am always amazed that Sweden had their seed storage at the Arctic!


  4. Deliciousness for eyes, but.

    ‘And the green candles of evergreens’ – ever-life after. Living in a country with a gazillion evergreens, am not sure I have seen anything like this species.


  5. A very common spring time occurrence here, too, Fiona. The flowers that grow in spring in Colorado ahve to be hardy as they often have snow upon them


  6. Fantastic! We had some ice on our spring blooms and it didn’t kill them, but the frigid temperatures that followed, did. I learned recently that growers actually spray plants when freeze threatens, so it will cover them with ice and keep them at 30 degrees and not 18, which is what it got here!


  7. Oh! The photos were mesmerizing. I stare and stare and absorb. My husband and I love to travel 14-day trips and schedule them in late fall or spring. I will never get to see what a wonderful winter creates in your part of the globe.


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