Out of the blue

It’s always fun finding

The quirky side to a new place.

Blue glass.jpg

Ericeira, a small coastal village in Portugal,

Blue me away with its lovely azure glass tiles

Blue hands.jpg

And hand-y door knobs.

Aren’t they just blue-tiful?


For more fun and fewer bad puns, please visit: Our World.

67 thoughts on “Out of the blue

  1. I love ALL things BLUE… That is neat!!!! You should participate in the meme called Blue Monday!!!! I don’t do memes –but read a lot of them…



  2. Lots of beautiful blue… Beautiful things!! I imagine how wonderful must be to visit this place! Great details for the doors! Greetings and a lovely week ahead!


  3. I’m kind of a sucker for puns — this lowest form of humor makes me laugh every time. So, yeah, I loved the pictures too ))) Beautiful shade of blue and quirky door ‘hand’les… I like quirky too.


  4. Love, love, love…absolutely LOVE these photographs, Fiona! I especially love the beautiful contrast between the crisp white and blue. Just gorgeous! They reminded me of what it also must look like in Greece – white and blue.

    “And hand-y door knobs.”

    Love those door knobs! 🙂

    Have a super week, my friend!


  5. They are stunning! The colours remind me of Greece. I lived there for only a short year but have such strong ties with it still especially when I see any images that remind me of it.


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