Mist has magical powers:

It can transform ordinary objects

(Here a crane on the jetty in Ericeira, Portugal)

Into classic suspense movie shots.

Misty crane.jpg

It turns a sunrise

Into a moment of purple-tinged drama —


And if it lingers all day,

A misty sunset can turn

Landscapes into paintings.

Misty hills.jpg

For more mist-ical moments, please visit: Skywatch.

73 thoughts on “Transformative

  1. Fiona, I love your opening paragraph! And I agree…mist has magical powers. To me, there is nothing more gorgeous than a misty sky.

    Stunning photographs! The colors are amazing!

    And you’re right, that last one does look like a painting!

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!


  2. And a pain in das Gesäß to photograph. As mystical and beautiful it comes across, it always seems to possess a mischievous willfulness. Good shtufffs you.


  3. Nice soft and artful images! I had lots of humidity and fog this morning and thought it impossible to get any acceptable photos, but I was surprised at the pleasant effects.


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