Warning: Dogs at play!

During the Christmas break, we looked after Jessie, one of Ruby’s puppies from 2014.

Dogs in long grass.jpg

She and Simmie spent a long time

Chasing each other through frozen, silver grasses.


After a cold and invigorating swim,

The play continued.

(Can you see the water drops flying through the air?)

Wet dogs playing.jpg

To an outsider, it might have looked

As if they were fighting —

But really it was more like love and frolicking

Between two really good friends.


For more play, please visit: Our World.

74 thoughts on “Warning: Dogs at play!

  1. our cats play that way too … in the beginning it was a bit scary but then we realized they were just having fun … silly boys


  2. I am a dog lover who unfortunately cannot keep any dogs ( I live in a high rise apartment building and think it is absolutely criminal to keep animals locked in ) and love seeing your dogs having fun!


  3. Oh, I do love your happy dogs and such a fun way to begin my day!! I hope you have a wonderful new week!! Enjoy!!!


  4. What fun – we got our second dog after looking after her a couple of times, when her family couldn’t look after her any more.


  5. Oh Fiona, what a happy set of photographs! I love them all, but the first two of the frozen silver grass are amazing! It almost looks like a special effect. And yes, I could definitely see the water drops flying through the air. GREAT capture!

    Have a super-duper week, my friend!


  6. So cute! I love how excited they are to run around and play. It is like an energy they cannot contain to themselves.


  7. Oh, what fun, Fi…for the dogs, for you, for your camera, and then for us!
    I must admit Lindy got herself into my post for OWT this week. Don’t know how she does that!
    Hugs to the dogs from Lindy.


  8. It makes me smile seeing them play like that 🙂 Oh wow, they went into the water in that cold? That’s brave 😉
    Great shots of their amazing play time together!
    Happy Tuesday to you! And lots of hugs 🙂
    Thank you for your kind comment on my gratitude post!


  9. My mother and pup combination…..aka Willow and Molly……play just like that and people sometimes think they’re fighting!! How lovely for you all having such a great visitor 🙂


  10. It’s so good to see dogs playing. Our two love chasing round the fields and jumping up on their hind legs “boxing” with each other.


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