Light and hope

The tradition of Lucia is my favourite time of year:

When the darkness is lit up with candles and song.

Lucia train.jpg

The light comes in many forms —

Whether it is the hope

For better times to come


Or as a metaphor for love and compassion:

Those two metaphorical candles that drive out the darkness.

Pink dawn.jpg

For more light, please visit: Our World.

72 thoughts on “Light and hope

  1. Fiona, that first shot of the choir is just beautiful! I love the way you captured the candlelight.

    And the final shot is MAGNIFICENT. Not only the image itself but also the feeling you get when you look at it – utter peace and serenity. It actually looks like a painting.

    Bellissima, my friend!



  2. Beautiful!!! Each image. I too would love the lighted choir.

    PS….love your fur baby’s babies on the “Our World” linking last week…I didn’t have a chance to pay any visits ’til today.


  3. So beautiful, as always and such a wonderful way to wind down my day!! Thank you SO much for all you do! I hope you have a great week and a wonderful holiday season!! Enjoy!!


  4. I love the choir singing by candlelight. I love the Sankta Lucia tradition which I was lucky enough to be part of one year in a Swedish community over here. Beautiful soft pink lighting in that third shot.


  5. Always, we must have light in soul… we must be optimistic and have compassion! inspired by…
    And the “apricot” sunset light, as a color, it is magnifique…
    All the best and my greetings for the december and winter holidays! Happy Holidays to you and whole family!


  6. Dearest Lady-fi; Wow, what amazing and timely captures of ‘Light and hope’ ♡♡♡
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in England, xoxo Miyako*


  7. And the light is there at the beginning of winter !! Sometimes sweet it warms us !! Beautiful series – I wish you an excellent end of year festivities


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