Leafy stars

One of my favourite houses in West Sussex, England,

Is St. Mary’s: a timbered house from around 1470.

House front

The house is still lived in today,

(And open to the public on certain afternoons)

And boasts many beautiful gardens.

Here is a peek at the back!

House from back

I love this summer reflection

In the leaded window of the house.


Next door, is a secret garden

Where children play music

Child on flute

And leafy stars abound.


For more star stories, please visit: Our World.

96 thoughts on “Leafy stars

  1. Ah, and enchanted house indeed!! Superb captures as always and these took my breath away!! And, thank you as always, for sharing the beauty of your world!! Have a wonderful new week!!


  2. Hello, what a lovely peak into the gardens. The reflection in the window is lovely. I love the cute statue and the flowers/stars quote! Beautiful images, have a happy week ahead!


  3. Oh, what an awesome place and so much history!!! I would love to visit there, Fiona!! Your captures are superb as always and the next best thing to being there to see it!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Hope you have a great week and thank you for all you do for Our World!! Have a great week!!


  4. My goodness….to live in the part of the world with such rich history and beauty is beyond our imagination here in America. What a beautiful post filled with wonderful photos.


  5. They don’t build them like that anymore – and when they try, it looks shocking! Shame on me though, I assumed it was a Pub when I first saw the post!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  6. I absolutely love that sign and can’t get my mind around a house that has been lived in so long. But then that is what English history taught me when I was there – that we in America are just babies in that respect!


  7. Going to try this again. And haven’t clue why am showing up as Anonymous. Perhaps a omen.

    Thanks for this, it feeds the ‘garden voyeur’ that resides in me.


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