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Leafy stars

One of my favourite houses in West Sussex, England,

Is St. Mary’s: a timbered house from around 1470.

House front

The house is still lived in today,

(And open to the public on certain afternoons)

And boasts many beautiful gardens.

Here is a peek at the back!

House from back

I love this summer reflection

In the leaded window of the house.


Next door, is a secret garden

Where children play music

Child on flute

And leafy stars abound.


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The stuff of memories

Memories are like small children wandering along a shore

Or running down a sunlit path towards adventure.

You never know which pebbles they might pick up to store away in their treasure chests.

It might an outing, like this one in summer when we went to England,

Days full of laughter and family and weathered houses over 400 years old.

I feel as if the days are slipping through my fingers so quickly.

Yet in childhood time stands still, even as it is flying past.

Life is a series of moments – both past and present – and what matters most is, perhaps,

Not how many moments you’ve enjoyed, but how many of those moments took your breath away.

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