Floating in clouds

 Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds.”

Sea of clouds copy

Many years ago, I woke up to an amazing sight:

Fields and fields

Of foamy clouds in the sky!

Endless clouds copy

I had to stop and talk to those clouds

For a very long time.

(All photos from my archive of 2010.)

Foam in sky copy

For more floating clouds, please visit: Skywatch.

124 thoughts on “Floating in clouds

  1. Wow! Wow! and Wow!

    Fiona, these photo captures are AMAZING! As one of your other readers said, that sky almost looks alien! And I love how you captured its reflection in the water.

    Brilliant, my friend!


  2. Awesome! I bet you felt completely enveloped in clouds with the clouds above and the clouds reflected in the water below. Have a great weekend. xx


  3. Wickedly weird in a good way. Not sure if I got high or vertigo from looking. Shockingly, coming down off it was mellowing. O’ you is the go to ‘Supplier’ for a sensation junkie such as I.


  4. exquisite clouds
    i have not seen clouds like these
    for some reason i felt pressure inside my head while looking at them
    i am a cloud lover
    but something about these felt as though they were compressing something inside
    so interesting


  5. There are some mornings when they sky looks like it was painted just for us. This morning was one of those here. We had a dawn so pink I thought I was dreaming it.


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