Greeting the light

One of the things I love most about photography

Is trying to capture the light.


It’s much easier to do

When you visit a magnificent cathedral

Like Notre Dame in Paris.


You don’t have to be religious

To have your breath taken away by the interior

And the simple yet beautiful ceiling.

Ceiling copy

I love the way the stained glass windows

Create rainbows of light on an old wall in the cathedral.

Light-rainbow_ND copy

The play of shadow makes the sculptures

Look like real people.


Back outside again, I’m surprised by a shadow

Of what appears to be an alien.

I have to look twice to see

That it’s the shadow of an eagle!

Roof shadows

For more light-filled shots, please visit: Our World.

95 thoughts on “Greeting the light

  1. I love the old Gothic cathedrals and have visited Notre Dame as well as some beautiful cathedrals in England. Along with Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Salisbury Cathedral comes to mind.

    Your mention of the play of light and dark reminds me of Monet’s experimenting with outdoor light at different times of the day. Remember “The Haystacks”?


  2. “One of the things I love most about photography

    Is trying to capture the light.”

    I agree, Fiona! And capturing the light in photographs can be very challenging. These photographs are STUNNING! OMG…they’re magnificent! I love them all, but the first two took my breath away.

    You are such a inspiration to me, my friend. And thank you!


  3. Well my dear you did one amazing job of capturing light and a magnificent cathedral. I too enjoy those grand buildings but it was fun to see photos that weren’t done for the architecture but for the light.


  4. Oh my goodness, how I loved this post. Your photos are incredible and they also bring back wonderful memories of our visit to Paris last summer. Notre Dame was an absolute highlight for all of us. Thank you very, very much for sharing them.


  5. I love the way you have not only chased the light but captured it… I can chase, but no way in a 100 years of visiting Notre Dame would I ever capture it as perfectly as you. You have a real talent. Thank goodness you share… to light up our worlds!
    Wren x


  6. color me extremely envious .. it is difficult to capture light .. magical light … but you have certainly done so perfectly


  7. Perfect photographs, especially the first and the second! I also like Notre Dame in Paris, although it’s been so long since I visited the last time… But I like to go to the Dom – the cathedral in Cologne, which is also very impressive.


  8. I’m fascinated by the light too. You have captured it beautifully in this series.


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