It’s been a fairly mild winter again.

But back in December, we enjoyed a week or so of wonderland!

I found some lamps ready to light the way


And a little brown cabin

Enjoying the view of the frozen lake.

Little boat house

This magnificent tree

Looked lovely in its winter dress of hoar frost —


As did Ruby!

Ruby in frost copy

But my favourite sight has to be

This hidden red cottage

Nestled in a bed of frosted branches.

Little red house copy

For more frosted views, please visit: Our World.



106 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. Oh these are incredible Fiona – B&W are my favorite shots and yours of the winter landscape as made by winter itself and spots of color here and there. Love it!


  2. holy cow. Wonderful shots. No way I could pick a favorite. So beautiful. Kudos. (but then maybe, that first one still holds my attention the most)


  3. I do love your snowy pics and Ruby in particular!! What a beauty!! I always look forward to your pics for the day and I’m never disappointed! Have a great week, Fiona!!


  4. That hoar frost is so beautiful and the red cottage is so well hidden that I can’t even see it’s red! Ruby gives a nice splash of colour in the white environment as you both explore!


  5. Fiona, these are absolutely MAGNIFICENT captures! WOW! WOW! WOW! And I can see why that last one is your favorite. BEYOND stunning! It looks like a painting!

    Also, I love the one of Ruby 🙂



  6. This is called a mild winter. In the Netherlands we have had almost no snow, so I enjoy your pictures mt this snow. Wonderful to see. I hope we get another much snow


  7. Beautiful photos! I admit, winter has its own, unique beauty. However, living in one of the coldest capital cities in the world (Ottawa, Canada) where winter lingers on just a little bit too long, we sometimes lose sight of this beauty. This is the case this February, where we have been experiencing the coldest consecutive deep freeze in recorded history. So, I’m very much looking forward to spring! I still find the photos awesome though!


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