Small beams of joy

It’s been gloomy and grey here

And I’m sad to see winter trying to say farewell.

Rays copy

But sometimes, all you have to do

Is look up (and hope you have your camera with you)

And appreciate the rays of light where you find them.


For more joyful beams, please visit: Skywatch.

102 thoughts on “Small beams of joy

  1. Beautiful shots. We had our very first cold for the season here in Tampa this morning. A nippy 33 degrees. Enough to throw a Floridian into a conniption.


  2. Back in the dark ages, I went to Catholic grade school and if we were good little girls, we would get Holy Cards with pictures of the saints — who were always surrounded by “heaven’s” rays that looked exactly like your pictures. I don’t go to church now, but I do believe that the sun showers blessings on us — (and definitely on you). Thanks for sharing them!


  3. Again, fabulous images Fi.

    to answer your questions…those are corn shocks. The amsh cut the corn with a binder and stand them up like a teepee until the ear of corn dries enough to be harvested. If the ear of corn is not thoroughly dry it will mold if they put it in a storage bin.


  4. Amazing and painterly…
    I often see, that the lighmood is especially nice, when a season say goodbye and I’m enjoying this short times
    (I’m not very sad, when the winter is over… but the winter in this year wasn’t a really winter)


  5. You of all people should always have your camera with you Fiona, you capture the most amazing moments to share with us, merci beaucoup once again.


  6. Wow!! Absolutely superb captures…the multi-layered cloud cover and the light [crepuscular rays] seeping through are just wonderful. Kudos!!


  7. Dearest Ladi-fi; What beautiful pictures of “beams of joy”♡♡♡ The sky shots are my favorite to enjoy from friends post, maybe I don’t have much chance to find appropriate time 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful weekend like your photos.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


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