Tate Modern

I’m celebrating six years of blogging with a look at the Tate Modern – a fabulous museum housed in the former Southbank Power Station – that I visited on my recent trip to England.

The old turbine hall is now the dramatic entrance of the art gallery.


The themes of space and light

Are also present in the art galleries themselves. (They used to be the boiler rooms of the power station).


Even the back of the turbine hall

Is full of light and enormous space.

(That round ball shape on the right is actually a small child.)

Small kid

As the gallery was closing,

The sun created its own artwork

Of light and shadows and beauty.


For more artistic shots, please visit: Our World Tuesday.


99 thoughts on “Tate Modern

  1. Dear Lady Fi
    Thanks a lot for this great post. We always visit the Tate Modern when we are in London. It’s a MUST GO we think.
    All the best from the North Norfolk coast
    the Fab Four of Cley


  2. These are some amazing images! I love the interior experience of light and shadows mixing with people and space. The viewer is drawn into both depth of field and the vertical and horizontal axis of the picture: very multi-dimensional. Finally, I zoomed in on “the small ball” and was delighted to see a baby! What a surprise?! & indeed, a delight.


  3. Dear LadyFi, way back in the summer of 1977, I got to visit England and, of course, going to the Tate was part of the wonder. But I don’t remember that building and so the Tate must have moved since that time. The architecture itself is true art isn’t it? Thank you for these evocative photographs. Peace.


  4. Yes, I love that beautiful and spectacular entrance to the museum, and your photos are gorgeous, I really like the last one with the spectacular play of light and shadow!


  5. Some wonderful shots, great place to celebrate your blog anniversary
    Congrats on the 6 years, I am on my 8th year, time flies ‘when one is having fun’


  6. Happy 6 year blogiversary and beautiful museum♡♡♡ BTW, I LOVEd to read the poster introduced us which depicting the differences between Swedish and English. I’ve never hear of Swedish, I wish I coud p;)

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs to from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  7. I have sweet memories of the Tate Modern and the Millennial Bridge leading up to it when I visited in 2007, the year I presented a paper at Oxford University. Thanks for the photos that elicit such recollections.


  8. The large turbine room is one of the incredible features of the gallery. You chose just the right time to capture the light. Your photos are exquisite.


  9. This looks very much/reminds me of an art gallery in Beacon NY — The DIA that was once an old brick factory and has great space & unique lighting! Lovely! Congrats on 6 years!!


  10. Gratulation zum Jubiläum – und zu den fantastischen Bildern !
    Weiterhin viel Freude am Bloggen,


  11. What an amazing place – the light in the last photo is spectacular. Good luck with your Swedish wildfire, I’ve been reading about it and can understand what the people are going through.


  12. Dazzling interior for a museum – The sheer scale of the place is amazing – your artful photos really capture and do justice to its majestic size. Thanks for sharing your visit with us.


  13. Even if the round ball is a small child, thats still a big space!

    Our rescuer service is the RACV – the V being for “Victoria”.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  14. I’d heard of the Tate Modern but didn’t realize it’s in an old power station. Your last picture reminds me of a few well-known ones showing shafts of light inside New York’s old Pennsylvania Station, which was unfortunately torn down in the 1960s.


  15. I love this building. Your last shot is outstanding!

    Sorry I’ve not been commenting lately but a tendinitis (shoulder + elbow) is forcing me to stay away from the computer as much as possible – repeated movements of the arm is all I have to avoid…


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