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Moody sky

Monday evening — I look out of the tube window as we go overground.

I see the drama in the sky and the pastel buildings of Stockholm.

Take out my phone and snap a quick photo.


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Tate Modern

I’m celebrating six years of blogging with a look at the Tate Modern – a fabulous museum housed in the former Southbank Power Station – that I visited on my recent trip to England.

The old turbine hall is now the dramatic entrance of the art gallery.


The themes of space and light

Are also present in the art galleries themselves. (They used to be the boiler rooms of the power station).


Even the back of the turbine hall

Is full of light and enormous space.

(That round ball shape on the right is actually a small child.)

Small kid

As the gallery was closing,

The sun created its own artwork

Of light and shadows and beauty.


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Burnished copper

On Earth Day, nature gave us the gift

Of big rolling skies and dramatic clouds;

Big light

Of our local jetty, finally revealed

As the ice melted away

To leave a lake of burnished copper.

Lovely light

The canopy of the sky

Seemed so close and so beautiful

That all we had to do was reach up

And touch it.

Holding up the sky

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Dragon in the sky

How glorious a greeting

The sky gives gives

When a dragon of clouds

Sweeps in to breathe light

And colour into the world.

And on the day of the Spring Equinox,

The light declares: I’m back!

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Dramatic moody sunset

Bringing delicious cool breezes,

Purple rain

And a lifting of spirits.

Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars. ~ Serbian proverb

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