Making photos with our eyes

My ‘baby sis’ and I ended up on Brighton Pier one evening

While I was in England.

After a wonderful time with the kids at the amusement park,

We caught a spectacular sunset over the old West Pier.

West Pier

As we headed back to the car with the lights twinkling,

My daughter burst out, “I wish we could make photos with our eyes.”

Pier and light

Her Aunty Kata (my sister) had a brilliant reply:

“We can. They are called memories.”


(I’m away at a summer cottage here in Sweden until the weekend, so may not be able to visit you. But I do APPRECIATE all your comments!)

For more memories, please visit: Skywatch.

93 thoughts on “Making photos with our eyes

  1. Wow, what great photos and what a lovely sentiment. A lot of the time I’ll lower my camera and simply try burn a scene into my memory. That is what memories are made of indeed.


  2. Superbissim… how she thought about…“I wish we could make photos with our eyes.” “Memories”… indeed! Lovely thoughts…. great reply, too!! And an wonderful post of yours! Greetings from the “happy places (seen worldwide) that can lead us to happy memories for our souls”…Alexa T


  3. Superb captures and the wisest of words from your sister, Fiona!! What a glorious start for my day! Thank you, as always, for sharing! Have a lovely, safe weekend!


  4. How great to have a sister to share experiences with. As always your photos are magnificent. Enjoy your Swedish cottage, there’s nothing quite like it.


  5. Just perfect in every way. I know you join me in praying for my friends and family on BOTH sides of the Gaza border! Thanks for caring-

    “I like the
    serendipitous surprises
    of reality.”
    Lawrence Wright

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= .


  6. I love your sister’s definition of memories – but am glad that you had some technical assistance with these memories and could share them. Thank you – stunningly beautiful. As always.


  7. That is such a beautiful reply from your sister 🙂
    It’s so cool to say I have walked along that beach. Swam in that sea. 🙂

    the pretty places of the UK 🙂


  8. Your sister’s reply to making pictures with the eyes was excellent! Memories are photos taken with the human lens and stored in its internal memory(brain) hopefully forever. I love all of your SWF photos. It’s so nice to meet you, and enjoy your weekend at your cottage. I hope you have your camera! 😉


  9. you capture sunsets like nobody else i know. and…. i know exactly how your daughter feels. i often feel the same way. but, i also love our sister’s reply. enjoy the cottage! x


  10. Memories can be a great thing if they are beautiful and good. Unfortunately, they are just as powerful when they are not so good. That’s where I come it:)


  11. It’s always such a treat to catch up and enjoy all you wonderful images Fiona.. Sounds like you’re having a brilliant time in the UK, can just imagine the images to come ..


  12. lovely photos
    wonderful conversation
    i have found that when i really want to take a photo
    but can not, i often will remember that scene quite well


  13. Splendid photos of a beautiful scene! Aunt Kata’s reply was perfect… but I also can relate to your daughter’s lament. Memory isn’t always reliable, and sometimes words aren’t enough (and a picture is worth a thousand of them), so it can be hard to share a special scene or moment with someone without a photo. I have a feeling that someday soon, we will be able to take photos with our eyes – or at least with some sort of bionic implants! Meanwhile, I’m glad you tote your camera around! 🙂


  14. OMG,what FANTASTIC sky pictures♡♡♡ Sky has its wonder 🙂
    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs to from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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