Raindrops on roses

Isn’t it utterly delicious

When it rains?

Raindrops on roses

When you want to burst out into song

And warble, “Raindrops on roses …”

At the top of your voice?

Apricot rose copy

When the drops turn

Crepe-paper thin petals

Into art?

one petal copy

And when petals

Blossom into beautiful hearts?

Heart petal

For more rainy melodies, please visit: Our World.

78 thoughts on “Raindrops on roses

  1. Oh my!
    What a beautiful sight!
    I just want to pick them and give one to my little Rose.
    Made my morning and I shall remember them all day long!
    So happy I saw your post as I was getting ready to turn off my laptop for the day.
    Rose, my darling is calling!

    Thanks for sharing all this beauty!


  2. I immediately though of Whiskers on kittens. I loved that song and watched the movie many times. Your roses are gorgeous. Lovely images, Lady Fi! Have a happy week!


  3. I always love getting rain or dew on flower shots. I had a little sprinkler water on the shots I took recently at Oregon Gardens in Silverton. Last post was the Dahlia Festival at the gardens in Canby. Come see the last 2 posts!


  4. Fiona, these images are absolutely magnificent and your words compliment them so beautifully. “Raindrops on roses” – It’s good to see what Maria (Julie Andrews) was singing about.


  5. Couldn’t find a place to comment on the
    Our World page … just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. A temporary glitch just makes me think about how we take all your work for granted week after week. (And anyway it is our Labor Day holiday, so I thought maybe the meme was on a three-day weekend ;)))


  6. I sing that song- well not so much anymore- I used to sing it a lot but it’s a fave with or without rain and roses or beautiful pictures of them. Cheers, Danette


  7. Very nice pictures – who says rain is a bad thing! Kids were rather pleased with the picture – poor old H was being whipped to death by P’s hair!!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  8. Hi Fiona..I’ve just had a wonderful time catching up with all your latest images, as fabulous as ever. Oscar looks like he’s enjoying life to the full, what a wonderful spot you call home, to be able to walk out in the morning in your dressing gown πŸ™‚ and see these wonderful skies over the water, how marvelous! So your summer is coming to an end and ours is looming ahead..we’re making the most of the rainy weather right now, unfortunately it won’t last.


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