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Frozen beauty

Saturday morning was well below freezing.

Passing by the local church, I saw

A riot of colours on the grass.

Riot of pink.jpg

Bouquets of flowers for the departed:

From iced-over pastel pink

Frozen rose.jpg

And bright, frosted

Folds of orange

Orange folds.jpg

To the quieter tones

Of white beauty.


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A rainy kind of beauty

It’s been a rainy summer —

Which means pretty pink petals

Blowing in the wind;


Roses glowing

With rain jewels;

Rainy rose

And vivid splashes

Of sunny petals.

Pansy copy

And after the rain,

Blossoms unfurl

In delicate rays of sun.


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Diving for rose petals

Many many thanks for all your wonderful messages of sympathy on Oscar’s passing. It has meant a lot to me.

This week I went down to Oscar’s favourite place, the jetty on our lake,

And threw some rose petals into the water as a way of honouring my furry friend.

Ruby, who is Oscar’s great-granddaughter, and who we have been fostering for the past nine months,

Decided to honour Oscar in his favourite activity: diving into the lake.

Ruby rose petals copy

She carefully retrieved one of the roses

And placed it on the jetty.

Bright colours copy

We sat for a while

Enjoying the autumn scenery and good memories of Oscar.

I’d say that a part of him lives on in Ruby, who is now our own dog.

Ruby on pier copy

Be warned: you might see more pictures of wet (and dry) dogs here on my blog after all!

Big brown eyes copy

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Raindrops on roses

Isn’t it utterly delicious

When it rains?

Raindrops on roses

When you want to burst out into song

And warble, “Raindrops on roses …”

At the top of your voice?

Apricot rose copy

When the drops turn

Crepe-paper thin petals

Into art?

one petal copy

And when petals

Blossom into beautiful hearts?

Heart petal

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Midsummer roses

Midsummer is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden. It’s all about eating and dancing around the maypole. Usually in the rain.

One year, I’m going to photograph it all… But this year, we spent so long at the pool before lunch that we just didn’t have the energy to go down to the local celebrations.

We did celebrate the light, the warmth and the sun in our own way.

Life may not always be a dance on roses, but that doesn’t stop you from dancing in a shower of rose petals.

It’s all about your attitude.

You can complain that roses have thorns.

Or you can rejoice that thorns have roses.

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December roses

The mild grey weather of December

Sent me the gift of a perfect luminous pearl

Speaking of renewal and hope in the middle of winter.

Pink perfection

Strung with a necklace of melted snow

Tells a tale of gentleness and endurance.

A faded beauty and a rose ready to bud

Reminds us – in this time of making resolutions –

To keep the goodness of the old

While enjoying the promise of the new.

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The roses of November

November has been incredibly mild; buds are appearing on branches

And perfectly framed roses bring a splash of colour to the season.

Dewy mornings paint the roses

And golden leaves are the perfect backdrop.

But now, the branches are bare and one grey day succeeds the other.

We don’t have snow and light,

So I had to find them in the translucent petals of a rose

As soft as silken snowflakes.

Recently, the hunt for colour has become more difficult

As the sun hides behind its foggy veils.

Which is why I was found lying on the ground –

Causing my neighbour to ask me why I was photographing nettles.

Its flowers are as beautiful as any rose, don’t you think?

Even the humblest of objects have beauty if we take the time to look for it.

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Golden Y-ears

Last week was Oscar’s birthday

(He’s the dog)

And a gloriously frosty day.

The delicate inner ear of a rose

offered up its secret beauty.

Sunlight sparkled on the pink ears

Of a brave flower still in bloom.

We visited a thousand-year-old rune stone

Rising out of the ground like a tooth,

To remind us that these are the golden years,

The moments to seize, to bathe in,

To remember while they last.

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