Radiant sparks

I have a confession to make…

I love the lowly ‘lion’s tooth’ —

Or dandelion.

Dandy copy

They grow in fields and gardens

Like cheery suns

Or radiant sparks of light

That have fallen from heaven.

Sunny dandies

And if you’ve ever rolled in

Dandelion-studded grass,

Then you know that it’s like being

Kissed by golden suns.

Photobombed dandies

For more sunlight, please visit: Our World.

94 thoughts on “Radiant sparks

  1. Our pups seem to love laying in tall grass, tall weeds and of course that includes dandelions. 🙂 What wonderful photos you are sharing today!


  2. I’m also a dandelion fan, I think they’re so pretty (and tasty and healthy!), and think your photos just did wonders for dandelion PR! 🙂 That second photo is especially lovely, they remind me of little sunflowers turning their golden faces to the sun. And I love the one of Oscar cavorting through his dandelion meadow – I thought he looked like he’s singing karaoke into a dandelion microphone! 🙂


  3. I, too, think they make a sunny sight in fields of green! My mother had an ongoing war with them that she could never win and I couldn’t convince her they were beautiful golden gifts freely spreading joy. I used to love picking them as bouquets as a kid, but didn’t care for their sticky “milk” that got all over my fingers. And then, of course, there is the delightful fairy fluff when they go to seed..


  4. I agree that dandelions are like lovely sunshine on the grass. Have you ever tried dandelion tea? It looks like you have access to a lot of dandelions and I hear the tea is good for you though I haven’t actually tried to gather and dry it myself. I love the photo of your dog in the field of dandelions 😉 Have a wonderful rest of your week.


  5. I love them too although my mother did not approve of them much with all the brown stains we had on our clothes from the white sticky milk.
    Innumerable golden crows we made . . .


  6. I like the way this sturdy plant regarded as a weed takes on amazing properties when seen through your lens.


  7. I did a blog post recently about dandelions – I too love them. This has been a particularly good year for them. Your photos are fantastic!!!


  8. Beautiful post and picture….I feel peach and calm while enjoying your post….just want I needed from the busy schedule. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  9. Yes I agree, to be young and to roll in the grass and dandelions, dandelion meaning the tooth of the lion for the shape of the toothed leaves.
    I see oscar there also.


  10. What a delicious post, and beautiful photos of the little golden suns. Oscar looks delighted with himself…
    I took some similar shots of my three in the dandelions and daisies:-)


  11. I think that anybody who does not like dandelions has lost the ability to see beauty! If they were a garden plant we would plant swaths of them!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


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