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Dandelion nose

Take a lovely, golden evening,

A dog and some water.


Walk home through a field

Full of dandelions.


Admire the doggie nose

Covered in dandelion fluff.


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Rainbow wishes

The golden evening light of late summer

Transforms even the humblest of flowers

Into works of art:


From downy pillows of fluff

To small wishes ready for take off.

Take off copy

And if you’re lucky,

You might even see a dandelion rainbow.


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Field of wishes

As I lay on my stomach trying to photograph

The lovely way the dandelions catch the evening light,

I thought to myself:


What do you see?

A weed —

Or wishes?

Blown copy

Suddenly, the wind blew

And the tiny wishes

Floated away, like sparkling fairy dust.


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Say it with flowers

Is there a more delightful sight

Than a happy dog

In flowers?

Oscar in dandies

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Radiant sparks

I have a confession to make…

I love the lowly ‘lion’s tooth’ —

Or dandelion.

Dandy copy

They grow in fields and gardens

Like cheery suns

Or radiant sparks of light

That have fallen from heaven.

Sunny dandies

And if you’ve ever rolled in

Dandelion-studded grass,

Then you know that it’s like being

Kissed by golden suns.

Photobombed dandies

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Making wishes

Warning: This may be disturbing for passionate gardeners!

The poor maligned dandelion

Is really a miracle.

A drop of bright sun in the garden

That turns into a silken parachute.

It glows like a ruby in the sunset

Before ending its life on the wind —

And making wishes come true.

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Sunlit sparks

The much-maligned dandelion:

Humble, yet unnoticed in its beauty.

Yet when covered in glorious dew

Each feathered seed is alive

Shining like a jewel,

A small spark of sunlight.

To remind us that what we call weeds are, in fact, beautiful flowers.

(Same could be said of most people too.)

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Of UFOs and dinner plates

Last weekend, a UFO appeared. And I’m not talking about the dandelions in the garden either. But now you mention them, they are as large as dinner plates. (I tell you: either the dandelions are getting larger every year or dinner plates are getting smaller…)

The UFO I’m talking about shimmered in the air, its blue and black body casting huge shadows across the miniature lawn; its blue and green legs as spindly and those of a spider. Slowly. Painfully. It took shape while excited children looked on and tried to help it become steady on its legs.

When it was ready, it spun a fantastic web of strong, black thread around itself. There it was: firm, full of confidence, ready for anything.


Bring it on!