Of silver and feathers

After many days of mild grey weather,

The early morning light

Carried whispers on the breeze

Of a frosty world of silver.

(See how the iced reeds match the bark of the silver birches?)

In the silence of that iced-over dawn

Peace floated down

As light and beautiful as a feather.

For more peace, please visit: Our World.

89 thoughts on “Of silver and feathers

  1. Last image got a huge Grunt out of me with its punctuation. The first evoked a sigh. The middle allowed perspective and horizon to accept the words. You see it then you take the photograph. Divine eyes and whispered words you use with great ease.


  2. You do indeed live in a beautiful world!! I love the feathers! Your captures and composition are superb, as always! Hope you have a great week! Stay warm!


  3. Every photo here is breathtaking. The center one made my heart pound as I longed to be in that magical scene. (That’s saying something because I am not a fan of snow in real life!)


  4. Lovely! For those readers who have the opportunity to read this before rushing off to work, it will be one of those “Just breathe” moments.


  5. I love that first photo of the feather on the ice!!! I tend to get right in close, to get all the details, but you have captured the surroundings, and the results are magnificent!! (I have just posted feather, too)


  6. Exquisite captures, Fi. Talk about a winter wonderland! Thank you for once again lifting my day with your photographic talents. Wishing you a marvellous week. (keep warm!)


  7. When a photo or group of photos triggers an emotional response… you know it’s special. Your images are comforting and soothing to me.


  8. your photos are so beautiful they pull at my heart

    I agree with the comment you left about how we have let nature down
    I hope 4 more years of a reasonable man in charge will help some


  9. So very beautiful and love the white snow. The last picture is stunning, I would love sit for hours looking at nature 🙂
    Have a lovely day lady fi 🙂


  10. I miss real winters! Although your winters may be a bit to “real” for me these days.

    I really like the wonderful tones of this picture!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Australia


  11. Love all these images here (even the ones in the post above), but the birch photo is simply stunning, there is something very pristine and gentle, almost ethereal about it… One expect an elf to appear.;) Your photography is alluring at all times, always a pleasure to visit you, sorry it has been so sporadic recently.;)
    Have a great week.;)


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