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Strawberry crush

A hot sunset

Sizzles over the lake.

A mother duck and her babies swim by.


Peace descends on the water

In the form of strawberry crush.


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Blue serenity

It was one of those glorious mornings

Where a blue dawn lay waiting behind the mist;

Blue skies.jpg

Ducks floating on a lake of velvet

Lifted the spirits;

Misty ducks.jpg

And the whole world breathed

In and out –

Speaking of blue serenity.

Blue serenity.jpg

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Chasing planes

My daughter and I were enjoying a beautiful sunset together a few days ago —

And she was practising using my ‘big’ camera

When we suddenly saw a floating line of geese.


They seemed to be chasing an airplane.


The geese flew away over the trees

And the plane flew right on up to infinity.

Photos by my talented daughter; editing by me = Teamwork!

to infinity

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Parasol skies

Late summer — and dawn is finally making an appearance again at a reasonable time.

Some mornings, sunrise unfurls like a parasol

Made of blue silk;


Sometimes the dawn

Is an orange burst;

Orange burst

But my favourite kind of sunrise

Is one of peace and reflection,

A canvas ready for colour

And the signature of three small birds in flight.


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Strawberry swirl

July was a time of long, long summer nights,

And strawberry swirls in the sky.

Swirl 1

Pink gave way to

Ruby red —

Raspberry2 copy

As the sun sank into the lake

With a sizzling hot splash.

Red peace

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Of beached submarines, forts and mist

The mist hung thick over the trees —

A perfect day for a walk!

Misty track

The woods were full of mischievous sprites.


A pylon loomed suddenly out of the mist

Like an iron giant.


Walking up the hill to The Fort,

We spent a moment by a trench dug in 1914

Wishing for peace in the world.


Finally, our destination appeared out of the fog –

Looking like a beached submarine —

An old bunker from the First World War that was never used.

It was built almost a hundred years ago by Swedes

Waiting for an enemy that never came.

How like us humans to focus on building walls

When so often the enemy is within.

beached sub

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The peaceful dawn

The sun rises early in the summer…

But it’s the loveliest time of the day

With just the peace of still waters,

A bird skimming over the sea

Dawn at cottage

And the sun calling out our name.

(Pictures taken at the little cottage by the sea on my mobile phone.)

Dawn - sun

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Floating away

Choose a golden ray —

Melt into the air

And float away

Like a balloon riding on a sunbeam.

Balloons copy

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(It’s just the anklebiters, the dog and myself on a private island for a few days, so I may be a bit late in visiting you all.)

Swan lake

Sometimes the silence and the grey

Descend so softly

That you can almost hear the peace of the cloudy reflections.

Later on, the moody skies

Turn purple

And the old jetty seems to stretch out

Towards the swans

Dancing on the edge of infinity.

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Of silver and feathers

After many days of mild grey weather,

The early morning light

Carried whispers on the breeze

Of a frosty world of silver.

(See how the iced reeds match the bark of the silver birches?)

In the silence of that iced-over dawn

Peace floated down

As light and beautiful as a feather.

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