From heron to eternity

They dance and swirl right over my head

When I don’t have my camera with me.

But as soon as I go out with it,

They hide in the reeds

Or fly away

So that no matter how much I stalk them

I can’t get any good close-up shots.

I know these aren’t the best shots you’ve feather seen,

But maybe the herons are just trying to tell me

That every now and then, I have to enjoy nature

Through my own two eyes (and not through a camera lens).

From heron after, owl try to avoid any more bad bird puns… although I have no egrets!

For more fowl play, please visit: Camera Critters.

64 thoughts on “From heron to eternity

  1. Haha, love your bird puns! So clever, just like you. I enjoyed the bird shots. Sometimes I feel guilty always trying to capture nature on my memory card instead of with the memory in my brain!


  2. Love the bird puns! I do have egrets, though I had to play hide and seek with one a good hour or two at the lake where I normally shoot photos. As always, the pictures are gorgeous.


  3. Your photos are lovely, as is the heron! I have to admit sometimes it is great just to watch these beautiful birds and forget about the camera. Have a great weekend.


  4. Love the photos and your avian puns. They’re not at tough to swallow. I wouldn’t even try to duck them. Just bring them on wren ever you like.


  5. Hey Fiona, until you do get that close-up, and I have full confidence that you will, these will do just fine! But just for the ‘halibut’, why not try a telephoto lens?! Hey, I try!…..


  6. smiles….defintiely…and it is the same with writing…stop trying to capture the moment and just live it…they tell me…i still like your shots…smiles….have a great saturday…


  7. I have the same problem but I have also come to realize that it’s sometimes it’s more important to just see it rather than try to capture it. Cheers. Danette


  8. Beautiful shots of the heron.
    I have the same problem with them and they’re still on my list of birds I want to photograph.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  9. I love your puns and they are just the giggles I needed on this gray, grumpy day!! Yes, Fall has finally arrived in Seattle with all the gray and grim, wet and chill!! So have no egrets and do have lots more fowl fun!!!


  10. So so true, it always happens to me, just when the sky has this beautiful show but dang I don’t have my camera, the P&S even. 😦 great photos no matter what, you still got them.


  11. Lovely photos of a seemingly camera shy bird. One of my dogs is camera shy and the other one is a total poser. Maybe you just need a heron who is a bit of an exhibitionist! Love your phunny puns!


  12. I think birds have developed a sense to know when we have a camera! Nice pictures still. And it is true we should sometimes enjoy things with our own two eyes!


  13. alright now I’ve had my first laugh of the day, thank you for that. we have a great blue that lives near the pond down the road and I’ve gotten a couple of okay shots of him but not really close enough for my liking. he stands perfectly still in the middle of the pond, waiting for a fish. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s more fun for me to simply observe him than to try to snap his photo. seeing is enough, I don’t need to capture. I think the last shot is excellent. happy weekend to you Fiona.


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