Early autumn light

There is a special clarity in the light of early autumn.

It bathes roses in magical golden tones

And turns lavender into glorious purple works of art.

If you get up early enough, you can drink

The dew from shy violets

And enjoy the droplets on early morning roses.

My son loves the vibrancy of autumn leaves

And brings home some leafy sunshine every day after school

To put into a vase of water,

Crying every time the leaves curl up and die.

No better way to learn about the brevity and beauty of life, I suppose.

For more colour, please visit: Our World.

90 thoughts on “Early autumn light

  1. Autumn leaves you cannot beat, as a child they seemed even more a special gift to cherish. As a kid, we put them between sheets of waxed paper and placed a giant Oxford Dictionary on top -the wax preserved them and the colour. My mother still has a couple, so she says, if she could find them. Am 53, I’d be surprise she does, but they still might be in the old Oxford Dictionary.


  2. Your son is indeed already aware of the fleeting beauty in our world and that does say a lot about the home he comes from. Gorgeous captures and wise reminders to enjoy the fleeting beauty of every day. I do love the droplets of water, too.


  3. So beautiful! The top shot is just stunning!

    Thank you for letting me know the Peace Prize is selected by a Norwegian Committee. I’ve already added a post scriptum at the end of the post.


  4. oh i love the vibrancy of the leaves as well….a startling flash of beauty before death….and autumn light is a magical thing for sure….aww your bit on your son made me smile but ache as well for his compassion…smiles.


  5. Your macro photos are of the best I’ve seen today! I like dewdrops on flowers! Have a great day! Thank you for your visit and comment!


  6. gorgeous .. my first ‘big’ camera was a Minolta SLR .. the lens loved early morning light … these remind me of those early photos and the gloriousness that is early light


  7. The light is so special in your photos of autumn and the hues of nature at that time.

    Sadly where I am, there are no great foliage color changes nor does the light get better. Infact it gets worst.

    Love the flowery takes


  8. I too love to take close ups of flowers, have taken a few this past week.;) However, my camera is not as good as yours.;) Nor is my eye or my photography skills.;) These are simply enchanting – love the violets.;)


  9. The autumn light is so pure and beautiful, it makes my heart feel so light and happy.
    A very good reason to go out in the morning and enjoy it (and taking pictures) 🙂


  10. Hi Fi! I was scrolling down your blog just to see if I’d missed any posts (I hadn’t thanks to your RSS feed) and as I moved down the page, I was quite stunned at all the beauty that you have portrayed here. I am fortunate to have found you on this massive mystery we call the world wide web- fortunate indeed! Cheers, Danette


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