Caramel surprise

There’s nothing sweeter

Than creeping outside in the chill of a misty sunrise

To discover toffee reflections,

And the deliciousness of caramel clouds;

To stand there in awe and wonder

Feeling so thankful

For the sweet sweet morning.

For more sweets, please visit: Skywatch.

85 thoughts on “Caramel surprise

  1. Love the title of this post, so very fitting. Wow, these are truly magical. I find nature offers the best enchantment there is… Today, during my drive to work, the landscape surrounding me looked much like the one in your images.;) “Mosekonen brygger” – the Danish expression for the mist and low lying morning fog.;)


  2. oh wow…i love the one with the dock…would love to be standing on it enjoying the deliciousness of the morning….great pics….ha i am posting a pic of my morning here in a bit…it is beautiful but comes out nothing like yours lol…


  3. Wonderful pictures!

    Thanks for the comment on the sky – Interesting that you picked the second image – the sky in the first is probably closer to the real blue, but it looked too blue, so I altered the balance to tone it down a bit! SM


  4. Caramel is so apt. Reminiscent of caramel apples, fall fairs and fall skies. A sensitive chose of words. I could so live in these photographs, well I kinda have at various times of my life. Thanks for the memories.


  5. I knew we were in for a treat when I saw the word “caramel” in your title. Before I clicked on the link I was imagining the warmth of your photos. And I was not disappointed. These are spectacular!


  6. Your awesome skies never fail to amaze me as do your wonderful captures!! So much peaceful beauty and what a way to begin any day! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty!


  7. so so lovely and serene… I am so into these photos and the descriptions you gave are just giving me some coffee thoughts…


  8. Your writing is as exquisite as your photographs and of this captivating scene! Just beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your words and photos, they are sweet indeed!


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