The blossoms of life

A couple of weeks ago

I went to see the sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms, in the centre of Stockholm.

Walking under the trees was like entering a fairytale cave —

And you couldn’t help feeling uplifted and joyous.

The cherry blossoms remind us of life itself:

Of its extreme beauty

And vibrant colour  —

And they also remind us that life is fleeting.

So we need to bloom as beautifully as we can

While we can.

For more beauty, please visit: Our World.

111 thoughts on “The blossoms of life

  1. Yes, those cherry blossoms are gorgeous. I had to giggle at the guy in the first picture… taking a pic of himself with a thumbs up. Great capture!


  2. Such immense beauty. Your last image reminds me of some words by, Anais Nin. “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Wonderful images.


  3. oh wow…these are gorgeous…i love cherry blossoms and standing under them when they rain down….would love to see this in person..and i like the wisdom you gleened from them as well…


  4. Exquisite blossoms, gorgeous color and such wonderful words of wisdom! What a beautiful start for my day! Thank you!!


  5. Yes, I love when the crab apple and apple trees are blooming in my area. So beautiful but the first strong wind and it’s over. Good analogy and reminder.


  6. Wow! Talk about a riot of pink!! Gorgeous! I love cherry blossoms … they have all gone away here so it is nice to see them bursting forth in your part of the world.


  7. Reblogged this on norditico and commented:
    No hay mucho que comentar al ver estas fotos.

    Me recuerda cuando en Costa Rica al llegar la temporada de seca (c.c. “verano”) florean los árboles de roble sabana (Tabebuia rosea), el casco de venado (Bauhinia variegata), y los malinches o flamboyán (Delonix regia), inundando de color las orillas de las calles y los potreros.


  8. Wow! they are absolutely gorgeous! A piece of heaven ♥ I really love all the shots but especially the one you closed with. Beautiful ♥


  9. Hi There, Wow—your flowering trees are gorgeous… Seems as if ours just came and went this year… Spring is a favorite season –but it passes by so quickly. Ah Heck—all of the seasons pass by quickly now!!!!! ha

    Beautiful pictures.


  10. Oh, your photos overwhelmed me!! It seems beautiful pink clouds last forever. They are condensed beauty and happiness!!
    They are giving me energy! Thanks a lot!


  11. I have never been to a cherry blossom festival where there would be trees with blossoms like these. They are truly magical and absolutely beautiful. I can just imagine the atoms. Such gorgeous captures. genie


  12. Stunningly beautiful. The cherry blossoms in Washington DC arrived much earlier due to an unusually warm winter and did not have the same concentrated beauty as those in your picture. Thanks for sharing with us.


  13. I love that the sakura are still blooming somewhere in the world. We had a pretty season in Japan this year too, but oh my goodness — your pictures are so lovely!


  14. Whoa! Gorgeous shots!! I know what you mean about feeling like you’re in a fairyland. I felt that way in Portland, OR last year among the dogwoods and rhododendrons. Nature has some spectacular displays!


  15. You capture the bloom of the cherry beautifully, in words and pictures. Indeed, there is nothing that speaks of spring more poetically than the pink blossom. I was asked to marry my husband underneath a blooming cherry, so this post speaks volumes to me.;)
    Stunning shots.;)


  16. Oh, I would LOVE to see cherry blossom in such abundance. Only a couple of weeks ago I was looking at some images from Meguro in Tokyo and the abundance took my breath away. I particularly like your last shot. Tried something similar in our garden after the Tokyo-envy set in, but we had so little it just didn’t work! Maybe next year I’ll get to Stockholm instead!


  17. Thank you so much for sharing with us this spring beauty! Nothing compares to cherry blossoms… Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment!


  18. Fi, those trees look magnificent. They do cheer you up huh. Especially for us down-under as our autumn is now turning to winter. Brrrrr- Dave


  19. Wow this takes me to another world! I love Spring because I can watch every little development in nature. It’s fascinating how bare branches produce buds, which turn into tiny leaves and, before you know it, the tree has grown large green vibrant leaves all over!


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