The last of winter

Winter is fading away and spring buds are gently showing their heads,

So now it’s time to enjoy the full glory of winter colours:

Majestic and glittering,

A world in silver and white –

And, if you’re lucky, a winter explosion of colours.

(All pictures taken in February. Please don’t feel sorry for me – spring is already on its way.)

For more colours, please visit: Camera Critters.

59 thoughts on “The last of winter

  1. I love your puppy!

    Please stop by my blog for a link to a new movie coming out soon called “Darling Companion” with Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline. I thought I would share with all of the Camera Critters! I haven’t seen it yet .. but I’m looking forward to seeing it. Let me know what you think!


  2. I liked the way you mentioned not to feel sorry for you as spring is on its way. At least the sun was shining on the day you took oscar’s photo. he needed a pair of sunglasses I thought.


  3. We’ve had more summer like weather it seems, which is strange. But it’s all beautiful isn’t it? ( and WordPress has been making me crazy , but I figured the issue out and here I am 😉 )


    1. So glad you finally broke through the WP madness. I’ve unchecked a box saying that you have to leave your email address, so that people can try to get through that way. (Doesn’t always work.) Thanks for your patience!


  4. Ohhhhhhhhh, the last photo of Oscar in the sunlight makes my heart skip a beat.

    He knows how to live, to love, to breathe, to savor…..

    Lady Fi, you are a morning/ mourning prayer. Xxx


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