Feast for the eyes

Walking through Lisbon is a delicious feast for the eyes.

Wherever you look, there are tiles and mosaics

Golden tiles

And beautifully decorated shop fronts

Like this one – it’s the oldest cod cake shop in Lisbon.

Cod shop

And the colour — so warm and delicious

Like this lemon sorbet building;


Or deliciously purple

And happy.

Purple splash

Even the faded old grand buildings near the harbour

Glitter with the gold of the setting sun

And transform into beauty.

Gold copy

For more colourful sights, please visit: Our World.

81 thoughts on “Feast for the eyes

  1. Beautiful captures, love the details and the colours. Especially the cod cake shop – and it is also a bit funny that they have a cod cake shop in Lisbon:)


  2. There is much beauty in Lisbon however we couldn’t help but note the rampant graffitti that destroyed so many beautiful scenes – one shot I took was of the side of a tram completely covered with grafitti. You’ve found the beauty and showed it wonderfully in this post.


  3. So you have been eating cake in Lisbon:) And the pink building made me smile! Also love the thumbnail – landscape you had above the Our World meme – beautiful!


  4. oh these are wonderful …. i wish i had wandered around more on my own oh so many years ago when i visited Lisbon


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