A swan glided by.

The sun kissed the water with

Its diamond lips.

My heart was full of light.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.  ~Aaron Rose

For more shimmer, please visit: Camera Critters.

I’m off to enjoy some sun-dazzled times of my own with the family this week — in Disneyland, Paris. Oscar will be with friends, and my blog and I will be taking a rest. See you on Friday!

62 thoughts on “Shimmer

  1. i usually read your posts in my rss feed, glad i clicked over here today ~ i love the slideshow at the top 🙂 and this shimmering swan makes me swoon ♥

    enjoy your family ~ get lots of r & r


  2. I like shooting into the sun one reflective surfaces like lakes, but it is tricky because the lighting is tough to catch without being overexposed.

    Three ways to capture the detail in the reflections off the water come to mind:
    1-Circular polarizer filter
    You have some angle on the sun and you can use the polarizer to tone down the reflections to bring out detail

    2-Neutral densiity filter(s)
    That will flatten the image to briong out more details in the highlights

    Take multiple exposures at +-1 , 0 and +-2 f/stops and use software like Photomatix to build a flattened image and/or hand merge the multi-exposed images to make one final image with toned down highlights. That is tougher given the water and swan movement, but doable.

    Or you an do combinations of the above. It can be a lot of work but the final product can be spectacular.


  3. you know, it isn’t a bad thing to have a wish now and then. well mine for today is that I would have been there, with you, at this particular moment.
    this is the next-best thing.


  4. The dazzling evening sunlight sparkling on water really cannot even be completely captured by a camera can it? This is lovely! Have a wonderful time with your children!


  5. Lovely photo, Fiona. You would happen to have the instructions for finding the right light, would you? Not the ones with camera, the ones for the rest of our lives. Such true statement …


  6. Enjoy your break I will look forward to viewing more of your stunning photography on your return. Thankyou for your recent comment on News From Italy, It is a pleasure to share my garden photos and I am happy you enjoyed them.


  7. Truly shimmering diamonds in that last one. Both are gorgeous! Have fun on your trip!! It’ll give me a chance to catch up on what I’ve missed lately!!


  8. AH! What a beautiful moment! The light you capture always fascinates me… I don’t know how you do it.
    Have a great time at DIsney with the kids!! Can’t wait to see THOSE photos!!!


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