Polar bread

Do you remember this picture? I took it to show you how crazy-looking I can be, but forgot to tell you a bit more about what I am eating in the picture…


Some of you recognized the ‘rågkakor’ straight away. “Polar bread!” you cried in  joy.

‘Rågkaka’ means rye cake, but actually these babies are round bits of soft rye and wheat bread with a few spices thrown in. They are still made in the traditional way up in the north of Sweden – way up north where the polar circle can be found.. hence the name: polar bread.

People used to bake these unleavened bread rounds in stone ovens once upon a time and they are still used in Sweden to make sandwiches.

Personally, I eat them toasted for breakfast with the drizzled honey melting on the slightly crispy bread.


If that is too tame, then you can go wild and use them as pizza bases, top them with mozzarella, mango and rucola (that’s rocket or arugula for some of you) or play frisbee with them. And if you toast them over a candle, then they’ll catch fire!

They are nothing if not versatile.

For more versatility, then visit: That’s my world!

38 thoughts on “Polar bread

  1. I’ve never seen that before, but any sort of bread product is okay by me! Is the “toasting over a candle” thing from personal experience, or does it say that on the package?


  2. Hi Ladyfi, I also wondered about the “toasting over a candle” ? Sounds student-related, ha! I’ve read through many of your posts and LOVE your blog. Well done on speaking Swedish. Thanks for visitin my blog today


  3. MmmmmmMmmmm … those look very yummy … especially drizzled with honey !!

    So did you try toasting them over a candle flame ?? 🙂


  4. Oh I love polar bread and we can buy it here also but not in the big bags you have in Sweden. However, if the Captain comes home this week we are planning to go to Sweden (Charlottenberg) and do some “harry shopping” and polar bread will be on my list!!! :-))


  5. Well, Lady Fi, I see from the picture you certainly have an abundance of scissors.

    Wonder if we can get this polar bread in the states?

    And thanks for clearing up the ricola mystery. I was thinking it was Ricoloh (that sore throat lozenge) and couldn’t picture it on bread.


  6. You really mentioned some “versatile” uses for this bread! 🙂 Looks yummy. Wish I could try it, but I bet it´s illegal to send bread in the mail…. huh? 🙂


  7. For being a person who does not cook, your blog has more food in it than an actual cooks blog…I’m starting to get a little bit scared 😉

    What’s next…a cook book?


  8. LOL!! I just love that you know toasting them over a candle sets them on fire….Hmmm, I wonder how you know that!!! *grins*

    They do sound delicious!!

    C x


  9. You have so many interesting types food over there! I think I could get hooked on that stuff, much like my craze for Cheeze Itz, Ranch Doritos, Triscuit crackers.
    Love the name, Polar Bread. Sounds like a seasonal type.


  10. I also thought the name polar bread was very interesting, I could not even begin to pronounce that Swedish word..
    Thank you Lady Fi, for enlightening us on use of candles to warm this bread with..I imagine they use that technique up near the Artic Circle..little did they know of your ability to try anything once..and then blog about it too! 🙂


  11. Hello all,

    Polar bread is indeed the best! can somebody help me to find more lunch recepies with Polar bread ? plzz 😀 😀


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