Of silken scarves and early mornings

We’re enjoying a long weekend here in Sweden. Countless days unfurling like a baby’s hand or a silken scarf – full of endless possibilities. Of activity and stillness. Of reflection and action.


Early morning relaxation

In the early morning stillness, I sneak away to the woods with my dog. Time to enjoy the coolness of the day, the birdsong searing the verdant silence of the woods. The reflections of the trees look on as the ripples from the lake tell the story of a swimming dog and a woman at peace.

27 thoughts on “Of silken scarves and early mornings

  1. Awww, that sounds absolutley wonderful!!! I fear that our weekend is going to feature lots of gardening (Oh I so hope I’m wrong!!)

    C x


  2. Lovely photo..you must have taken it, or did you drag a sleepy anklebiter out of bed?? LOL.. You have a wonderful weekend..are you at the red cottages..I hope so! How cold was the water?? Oscar better look out for ssssnakes:)


  3. I could almost hear the birds chirping. What a beautiful post! It’s my first visit (via Lilly’s Life) and I will definitely be back soon for more! Thank you.


  4. Walks first thing in the morning are lovely – they set you up for the day and one feels so virtuous that a little second breakfast doesn’t go amiss – not the full works obviously but the odd pain au raisin.


  5. Long weekends are just about the worst thing I know! Shops are closed, people don’t work – well, I do! I’m really glad I got the big HOLLYWOOD order last night – you knew I had to say that one more time 😉

    Gossip Girl – who she is? She’ll never tell. Tv series on Kanal 5, Sundays at 7 p.m. The dark-haired girl ( = indicates “mean”) is Leighton Meester.


  6. Countless days unfurling like a baby’s hand or a silken scarf – full of endless possibilities…

    You really are a descriptive and beautiful writer. I never know what I will find over here.


  7. What a lovely photo! It’s so peaceful and serene – and I can just feel the silence!
    You’re a lucky woman… even if you DO pay more for groceries. 🙂
    I think Sweden is higher than Australia, price-wise, but we’re both in the top 3!


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