Give-away (dog not included)!

Roll up! Roll up! Come and get it while it’s hot… This is it: my first give-away contest! (OK! OK! I’ve already given away my dignity, parts of my sanity, a satisfying recipe and some basic instructions about how to cook and sew…)

Anyway, do you remember that a few days ago I told you about Pluto being plutoed when it was demoted from its status as a planet? Hands were thrown up in horror and cries were thrown around with abandon.

Once upon a time, we had a very useful mnemonic to help us remember the names and positions of the planet: My very elegant mother just served us nine pizzas. But with Pluto gone, we need a catchy new mnemonic to  help us remember. In fact, the lovely Louise over at Carmine Superiore threw her metaphorical gauntlet (well, probably more of a warm woolly glove at this time of year) down and demanded a mnemonic contest. So – here it is!

I know you’re on the edge of your keyboards … this is what you can win!


No – the dog isn’t up for grabs: the book is!  It is called Falling Leaves (The true story of an unwanted Chinese daughter) and is written by Adeline Yen Mah. It is the story of the author’s childhood in China during the civil war, except the war is not in focus here, but the terrible stepmother. Rejected by her father and siblings and abused by her stepmother, Adeline survives the pain of her awful childhood, moves to the States and manages to overcome the lonely and painful start she had in life.  It is a book about destructive families – and also about how the human spirit can emerge triumphant. It is about the will to endure – and to love. Highly recommended!

So, what do you have to do to win? Well, all you have to do is to come up with a new mnemonic that we can use to remember the planets. Use these letters in this order: M V E M J S U N. Leave your new catchy phrase in my comments and you’ll be entered into the draw.

Some of my readers wanted me to come up with a mnemonic. I’ve done better and come up with three for your pleasure!

Many very elderly mushrooms just smell utterly nauseating.

My vicious elephant may  just smash us nicely.

And – rather appropriately:

My very exceptional mumbo-jumbo spouts uncanny nonsense!

The competition closes on Wednesday morning – my time (LFT = Lady Fi Time).


31 thoughts on “Give-away (dog not included)!

  1. Oh gee…that’s a tricky one! I like your mushroom one though…I just so happen to live near the “Mushroom capital of the world” and I’ve smelled many an elderly mushroom. (Secretly I kind of like the smell though)


  2. Multi vitamins end my January sniffles until November

    Where did that come from?? I never eat multi vitamins and rarely sniffle.

    (Found my way here via the hyperactive French Fancy – I’ll be back!)


  3. Hi Miss Fi…I’m not smart enough for this contest and when I heard the dog wasn’t being given away…well, to be honest I lost interest. I really never win contests anyways…but I wanted to wish you a good Sunday. You asked where Sarah is, she has winter vacation this week so she went to Averøy where we use to live to visit family and old friends. Huff…it’s going to be a long week…;-))


  4. @Jeanne : That’s a good one. I don’t think I can top that. Here are my two tries, for what they’re worth :

    My very enigmatic man jostled sir uriel nicely.

    Many very English men jitterbug sensationally until nightfall.


  5. We don’t need a new mnemonic for eight planets. We need one for 13: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris.

    Please do not blindly accept the controversial demotion of Pluto by four percent of the IAU as fact. It is not fact; it is one interpretation and one that is rejected by many planetary scientists. Their far superior definition defines planet as any non-self-luminous spheroidal body orbiting a star. Types of planets can be distinguished by using subcategories such as terrestrial planets, gas giants, ice giants, dwarf planets, etc.


  6. Many volatile embers just sit un-noticed.

    Mary vexed Edgar Jones silently under noodles.

    If we really need one for 13 planets, many of which I have never heard, here ya go:

    Moira’s very earnest moth could just see under Nancy’s pants Helen, Mark and Edward.

    Oh, and PaddyK…gross.


  7. I knew Oscar was clever (he has been writing to my catz on facebook), but that he likes to read such erudite tomes- I am impressed!!


  8. I will rack my skinny brain and try shake out a few tidbits. But it’s very late here and nothing comes to mind because there is nothing IN my mind.

    There are awards awaiting you at my place. Drop by anytime. 🙂


  9. Oh gosh you dont make it easy do you? Mmmm lets see.

    My Very Elderly Mother June Says Uderwear Necessary

    Oh ok there should be an is in there somewhere but what the heck!

    Motor Vehicle Engines Make Joyous Sounds Under Ninety.

    Millionaire Ventriloguest Enrages Madame Jolene Sotheby’s Uncle Nesbitt.

    Oh its too much fun! thanks


  10. Ooo, there are some good ones already!

    Here are some:

    Man victimises elderly mothers, jokingly saying: “Ugly nags!”

    Memory varies each month: July seemed unusually nice

    Man vanquishes every monster, jadedly seeking underlings new


  11. That sounds like an interesting book…and this is a fun way to do a giveaway!

    Here’s my mnemonic device:


    my very eccentric man just sold used napkins


  12. Ok I have been gone to Paris for four days and although I have missed this…. it was a blast to read all the creative ideas that everyone had!!


  13. Fun Fun Fun! Though I do kind of want the dog instead of the book! Hard to ship, though, huh?

    Anyway, here is my attempt:

    Monkeys Visit Every Misty Jungle So Understand Now

    Kind of fell apart at the end but it is late and I’m out of gas….


  14. Laurel dear, this is just for fun….have a lovely glass of wine and be frivolous with us! (But don’t EVER stop using all those deliciously expansive and scientifically scintillating words. You have the hearts of linguists around the world positively cavitating!)

    I feel your pain. I was incensed at the demotion of Pluto as well and refuse to accept it. Especially being a DOG lover. I am an expansionist at heart. The more the merrier!

    Okay, here goes my pathetic attempt:

    My Very Existence May Just Seem Unusually Nutty!

    So there you have it. I’ll keep my day job. Oh wait, writing IS my day job. That may explain the cash flow.


  15. Oh, I’m late to the scene…. but this looks like fun!

    My very eyes might just see under neath.
    Men vent every May just so uncles never push.

    Not great, but I’ll throw them in the pot. 🙂


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