Midsummer sun

It’s Midsummer — or the summer solstice —

When we celebrate the longest day and shortest night.

The sun still shines strongly at 10.30 at night,

Painting the sky with wisps of light

And sending coloured clouds of happiness and peace our way.

For more summer (or winter) skies, please visit: Skywatch.

92 thoughts on “Midsummer sun

    1. LOL! After a blazing hot morning, it’s already started raining. So rain won’t come as a surprise. In fact, I’d be surprised if we can pretend to be little frogs without getting wet!

      Enjoy your day.


  1. I know the longest day but have never experienced it. I’m curious how I would feel. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo


  2. We have been attacked by rain, it’s bad for midsummer, drat. It looks like you have a real midsummer and warm, I love your photos.


  3. Happy Summer Solstice to you (belated now… ha)…. We never have the sun shining here at 10:30 at night… It gets dark here about 8:30 p.m. —but during the winter, it starts getting dark about 4:30 p.m.

    Fabulous photos… Love the colors.


  4. Stunning colors, amazing view, you are very fortunate.

    The other night we had a unusually beautiful light like that, and I stood in the back yard and took photo after photo. I thought of you…and your beautiful shots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  5. Certainly one would be grateful for the sun lingering long over such a beautiful, tranquil scene. Life definitely looks “peachy” there.


  6. These long sunny evenings are the reward for those long dark days in winter. I remember living in the tropics and thinking it was kind of boring to have no change in the length of your days and nights. Twelve hours of each. Dark at six in the evening the whole year through,

    Beautiful pictures, as always. Mother nature makes the most fabulous art!


  7. The sun still shines at 22:30 on summer solstice? I’d like to experience the midnight sun. In my part of the world, sun sets at about 19:30. The photos took my breath away as always. I feel the promise of tomorrow.



  8. Its a beauty, all we have is cloud and rain – on the longest day, summer now slowly turns to autumn then winter is upon us – yet again, so thank you for brightening up the Longest day for me.


  9. just spectacular!! you have the prettiest views (and take the time to notice and share them, too!)


  10. Sometimes I think of your lake randomly during the day, and it always brings a smile and a feeling of peace and contentment. You are a world away from me, but somehow our spirits manage to cross the distance.


  11. Oh, absolutely stunning… this makes me miss my old views so much…
    Happy Midsummer to you.;) Oh and I knew you had white nights in Sweden, just though they were even more pronounced while you were in Norway.;))


  12. I miss those long summer evenings from when I lived further north, they’re wonderful. But I love the 300 days of sun we get here. Great shot!


  13. GORGEOUS! peaceful and calm! Stunning photos! =) Same as here, the sun shines until 10:30 at night! a wonderful time it is! 🙂 Further up in Norway, but still same county as Røros is situated, actually Trøndelag, in the north of the county the sun shines night as day in midsummer, minus 2 houres (uhuu- I’ve forgot exactly when..)


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