Say what, oh teabag of wisdom?

My spicy tea bag declares:

Only share your strengths,

Not your weaknesses.

Although I understand that this is wise advice, especially as I am a parent, I can’t help but wonder what it would mean to my blog. After all, quite a lot of you have laughed your way through my – well, how can I put it? – failures, my weaknesses. Me boiling cabbage without water, sewing myself to the carpet, freezing my hands off in Northern Sweden. (Yes – you! I know it was you laughing!)


Somehow, I can’t see these posts giving you the same WOW factor:

Lady Fi sews up a lovely, sequined skirt without any mishaps. Not a needle or nail was broken!

Yes, it is possible to get a camel through the eye of a needle! Here’s how in five easy steps.

Flambeed cabbage with caramelized red onions in a reduction of red wine and chili chocolate sauce.

Turn your enemy into your best friend – without going mad in the process!

Lady Fi gets a good night’s sleep! Ask me how.

Watch paint dry as Lady Fi whips up a storm with her paintbrush!

How to have well-behaved children and pets without tantruming!

I’ll get back to you when the Stepford Wives Association has let me go!

17 thoughts on “Say what, oh teabag of wisdom?

  1. Yes, it’s true that mishaps and pratfalls are funnier than posts where everything was just fine, thank you. But we’re laughing WITH you, not at you!


  2. I think one of the reasons we all get along so great on the blogosphere world is that we are so relieved that others have the same sort of mishaps we do! Plus no one likes Perfect Penny. I love that picture it is too funny! Although I think you are wrong about us wanting to watch paint dry…i mean who doesnt?


  3. Pink: Are you suggesting I’m less than perfect? Surely not! As for the talking tea bag, it comes with a little label on which wisdom is written!

    Dumdad: Thanks for pointing out that subtle, but vital, difference…

    Meg: Still looking at you, kiddo!

    Mrs. S: Watching paint dry is so … zen… is it not?


  4. Your story about sewing yourself to the carpet was priceless. Keep sharing the fails. In fact, dumdad, we are not laughing at you, we are laughing because of you 🙂


  5. Lady Fi, you’re good fun – you provide much needed light relief and yet can be eloquent and profound when you want to be. We think you’re great xxx PS: My mum is still laughing out loud at that photo.


  6. I for one am looking forward to hearing about all your mishaps, having run out of them on my blog. LOL.

    No actually, I love the stories, none of us are perfect, and I don’t know any real life Martha Stewarts.



  7. I wouldn’t have anything to blog about if I only wrote about perfection. (Yes, it’s hard to believe, I know.) I can’t make it thru the day without screwing something up, runnin’ into a wall or stickin’ my foot in my mouth! It’s nice to know others out there have mishaps as well.


  8. Oh yes I hate failures. I hated it when my baking or sewing failed. Am most satisfied when the cake comes of the oven smelling good and turn out good and looking at the finished of my beads jewellery make me so happy.


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