12 thoughts on “Burn, baby, burn!

  1. “It’s not burned.” Famous last words of my 90 year old Grami who famously burned nearly every grilled cheese sandwich she ever made but insisted you eat it because she lived through the Depression.

    Of course you could tell them it’s a deep dark golden brown.


  2. When things get burned here the dogs get them….I don’t think my dogs know there is anything else then burnt baked goods…..because they NEVER get the good stuff!!! hahahaha!!! Just kidding, they are spoiled rotten but they are still very useful for getting rid of burnt things….
    I also loved the sign, The Queen Never Cooks….very well said!!!!


  3. It’s amazing how you can always salvage something of a burned mess Ladyfi.
    At least we’re still cooking. So many of the new breed sadly don’t understand how – and they and their pockets (and their health) are missing out. My ambition is that everyone learns how to cook once more – and how to grow their own vegies.
    June in Oz


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