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A winter’s tale

Back in February, we took a trip to visit a new friend

Living on the shore of a large inland lake.

High and dry

Some boats were marooned in the harbour

And people strolled out onto the frozen lake

To enjoy the view.


I felt all buoyed up

By the dazzling snow and sunlight.


Just as we were leaving,

The sun made a glorious spectacle of itself

Casting a golden glow over this winter’s tale.


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Living your learning

Nothing much has been happening,

But as I look back at some summer memories

I realize that moments when we have taken the time to pause,

To enjoy, to reflect and to learn —

These are the moments that make up our lives.

Life is for learning – but one’s learning must then be lived. Yusuf/Cat Stevens

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How to influence people

It’s a badly-kept secret that I’m terrified of wasps.

My usual tactic is to try and stop their hearts by screaming loudly and piercingly.

A while back, I found myself in a great seaside café, when a certain someone said, “Don’t scream, but there’s a wasp on the table.”

I can cope with that as long as it’s not buzzing near me.

However, the very next moment, someone flicked the wasp away from the table so that it ricocheted off my forehead with the horrible force of a rubber ball. With a sting.

I leapt up, did a mad dance, and I might have let out a high squawk of some sort.

I’m not sure, but when I came to my senses, I realized that everyone in the restaurant was staring at me.

The anklebiters had taken refuge under the table.

And the guests nearest us switched tables in order to move away from the mad woman.

I don’t blame them… I wanted to get away from me her too…

I’m not sure why, but my kids say they find me embarrassing!

By the way, no wasps were harmed in the writing of this article…

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Signs of autumn

I fell in love with the geese. (See my last post.) Those geese that were getting ready to leave us with autumn and fly to warmer climes.

They flew across the sky in battle formation.

They dive bombed into the cooling water one last time.

And then, then they were off – high up into the sky,

Into the sea made of clouds.

And I, I was left with sorrow at their going

And thankfulness for their beauty.

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them? — Rose Kennedy

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August’s last song

It started with a lone bird

Out there in tangled clouds of lilac.

A sense of melancholy was shared by myself

And my daughter.

Was this really the last evening of summer?

The lone bird’s cry was

Taken up by others

So that soon they sounded like the honking of laughing clowns.

Before leaving, they flew into formation

Spread out neatly behind a forest of sails

As if to draw the eye to the light on the horizon

And the hope of another season.

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