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Romancing the snow

Find a big sky and a frozen lake,


Get a couple of chairs, some friends

And a view —


Then sit back and enjoy the romance,

The company and the pink-tinged sunset.

Friends copy

For more romance, please visit: Skywatch.

Golden lace

About a month ago, the ice was finally thick enough

For the snowplough to come and make an ice skating track around the lake.

This was happy news as I was finally able to walk over the lake

To enjoy the beauty of the setting sun

Winter susnset

As it cast its net of light

And turned branches into golden lace.

Golden lace

I met a woman out with her camera too —

And for a few minutes, we shared a bond

As we enjoyed the simple gift of the sinking sun.

Taking photos

For more golden skies, please visit: Skywatch.

The sky is falling

Spooky joke – the answer(s):

What ride do spirits like best when they go to an amusement park?

Roller ghoster! (Boom! Boom!)

I also like some of the other answers you gave: Spectre-tactors and Merry Ghost Round were my favourites!


And now… to today’s post:

The sky looks as if it has fallen flat on its face on the lake and…


… and spread itself like a frozen blue mantle on the water’s surface, which in  all its icy splendour, reflects back the gorgeous azure of the sky above.

“Which is ice and which is sky?” the silver birches standing sentinel seem to wonder.

Kicking it

After I posted a couple of photos of me and my ‘spark’ or kick-sled, if you like, several of you wrote that you would like to see the spark in action.

Sunday was a glorious day with plenty of sunshine and new snow, so Sir Pe and I rounded up kids and dog and went down to the lake with my camera. Here are the photos Sir Pe took of me kicking along on my kick-sled!


And look! I can do it the other way too…


(I like the shadow play better in this series…)

Up north, where it’s cold for eight or nine months of the year, you can see people transporting shopping or big loads of wood on their kick-sleds.

As for me – I think it’s a kick-ass way of getting around on the ice,  not to mention a good way of getting the old buttocks a bit firmer…

Silhouettes on ice


Disney on ice

8.00 am. A perfect winter’s day today. Minus 10 C with glorious sunshine. A crunchy layer of snow like Royal Icing on a cake.

A day that really makes you happy to be alive.

The lake is 40 cm of solid ice. That’s quite a lot: imagine the ice reaching from your fingertips up to your elbow. Heck – if I had a bus I could drive it on the ice quite safely. Or land a plane on it – like someone did a couple of years ago. Quite an amazing sight.

Today, Oscar and I had the whole lake to ourselves. I ventured out into the middle and took this shot. You can see me on the right (just imagine if I really was this tall in real life, instead of being a gnome!), my spark (a large wooden seat with runners that you kick to move yourself across the ice and snow), and on the left is the dog.

What is a perfect day for you?

You can see a picture of me and my spark here.