The sky is falling

Spooky joke – the answer(s):

What ride do spirits like best when they go to an amusement park?

Roller ghoster! (Boom! Boom!)

I also like some of the other answers you gave: Spectre-tactors and Merry Ghost Round were my favourites!


And now… to today’s post:

The sky looks as if it has fallen flat on its face on the lake and…


… and spread itself like a frozen blue mantle on the water’s surface, which in  all its icy splendour, reflects back the gorgeous azure of the sky above.

“Which is ice and which is sky?” the silver birches standing sentinel seem to wonder.

29 thoughts on “The sky is falling

  1. And so a frozen lake reflects the sky? This happens with water of course, and our seas in Australia are often a lovely blue because the sun shines here so much of the time.


  2. Frozen blue mantle – That’s very beautiful, as is the photo, thank you, ladyfi…

    Now if I could just borrow that book as I think I am being inhabited by the spirit of someone who really doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow and leave Bloggyland!

    Have a great week, lovely ladyfi x


  3. A beautiful photo!

    The sky is falling …. little man has just run off to find the book with that story in it!! Chicken Little, I think, but he will no doubt put his hand to it in seconds!

    Looks like Spring is finally coming your way …

    – little man’s mum


  4. Wow, it must be too early for me to figure that out, but I love your picture. I bet in the summer it is a great place to be!


  5. I just had an interesting experience. The photo didn’t appear only the text, so I usd my imagination, based on your descriptive writing, and it worked. Still waiting to see the photo though.


  6. So peaceful that photo was…I’d love to let the lionesses swim in that water…while I sit under those big lovely trees and watch them….from your title I was expecting Henny Penny and Chicken Little and some Easter theme…but this was nicer!!!


  7. How beautiful!!!
    Here the sky looks like porridge today. Bleh. I’ve really missed the sun for several days now, I keep looking at that yellow orchid photo I took (with real sun).


  8. This is gorgeous. Your lake is a constant source of beauty in all of the photos I’ve seen. What a treasure to have something so stunning to look upon.


  9. I came back to look at the lake again, now that I know it´s in front of your house. I can´t even imagine what it would be like. You have no idea how much we “worship” water over here and it´s something you should thank the Lord everyday for. I am hooked on your blog now…. 🙂 Happy Easter!!


  10. Breathtaking! I am sure I would be up in the middle of the night to watch the Moon take a bath in your lake every night she would be out there. I think water nearby has the most calming effect, no matter what. Even when the storm raises the caps in a river if you are watching from a safe place, there is a sense of peace and reassurance. Watching it from a bedroom window as in your lake, must be a gift that I cannot begin to imagine. Then again, you certainly deserve such gift.


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